Sex & Back Pain: The Best & Worst Sex Positions If You Have Back Pain by Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo

2 years ago

Sex & Back Pain: The Best & Worst Sex Positions If You Have Back Pain

Back pain and sex – not two subjects that are usually paired together. Talking about how back pain can affect one’s sex life has often been taboo; however, it’s important to discuss how lower back pain can disrupt sexual relationships and affect intimacy between couples. 

Back pain during sex is a major issue for many people and is more common than patients and physicians think. About 72 percent of sexually active respondents reported they had sex less frequently than before their back pain began. Sex is an important part of healthy relationships; thus, it’s a good idea to learn which positions are best for back pain.

Here are some tips for dealing with back pain during sex: 

  • Extension Intolerant Women: People who are extension intolerant will have back pain that is aggravated by extension movements such as arching the back. Missionary position is a preferable position because women can keep their spine in a more neutral position by having their knees and hips slightly flexed, supporting the lower back.
  • Extension Intolerant Men: Missionary or spooning are more comfortable sex positions for extension intolerant men because they allow the back to stay flat. 
  • Flexion Intolerant Women: People who are flexion intolerant experience pain in the lower back due to flexing the torso over the hips. Spooning is a safe sex position because it uses minimal spine flexion. Avoid the missionary position, as this can cause more flexion than you might think and force the pelvis forward.
  • Flexion Intolerant Men: Flexion intolerant men should avoid spooning/side sex because these positions worsen back pain by making it more challenging to move the hips. 
  • Use a Pain Relief Ointment or Topical Pain Cream: Applying an ointment or topical pain cream on the back before sex can help reduce pain and inflammation; however, it’s important to remember to wash your hands after applying and before sex to avoid creams touching more sensitive body parts.
  • Find Alternative Ways to Please Each Other: When sexual intercourse isn’t possible because of back pain, it doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate. Talk to your partner about other forms of stimulation. Ways to maintain intimacy beyond sexual intercourse include, but are not limited to, massages and exploring the entire body.
  • Take an Anti-inflammatory: Taking over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofennaproxen or Advil can help with pain and inflammation during sex. Make sure not to exceed the recommended doses. 

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