Not Getting Enough Done Each Day? Ditch the To-Do List & Try This Instead! by therapistmom

5 years ago

Not Getting Enough Done Each Day? Ditch the To-Do List & Try This Instead!

I hear all the time that writing a to-do list helps get things done. But it does not work for me at all. I can easily have a list of 30 items a day of things I need to do for home, work and family. That's too much to look at after a long day. I always had something (or several things) left over to the next day. 

So, I ditched the traditional "to-do" list and started my own list – an accomplishments list. Each day, I write all of the things I did in my planner: errands, tasks, completed projects at home and work, etc. The more items on the list, the better I feel. I feel great seeing how much I can do every day and not just what I didn't get done!

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Donna John
Love that you put a positive spin on the often negative to-do list. Great idea! therapistmom
Mike Prochaska
When I have more to do I actually get it done it when there less to do I procristate lol

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