Parenting Different Personalities in Kids: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids' Uniqueness & Interests! by Holly Budde

6 years ago

Parenting Different Personalities in Kids: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids' Uniqueness & Interests!

Every kid has a unique personality. Kids are drawn naturally to things they like. Parents should encourage this. Here's a few ways to do this:

  • Never compare siblings to one another. My daughters are so different. One is all sports, no frills. The other is all frills and not much else. 
  • Every day, I make an effort to encourage both of them in their natural abilities, keeping my own likes and dislikes at bay. 
  • I let my kids be themselves without pressure to change. I hope this will help them find their passion as adults to have a long-lasting career doing what they love.

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Donna John
So true, Holly Budde . You have to adapt and change your parenting for each kid based on his/her personality, needs, etc. And also encourage them to be the wonderful, unique person they are. Parenting is HARD! :-)
Elisa Schmitz
Spot on, Holly Budde - each child is unique, and we as parents have to flex with them. You said it, Donna John - parenting is a marathon, not a sprint, LOL!
Holly Budde
l have laughed w my mom asking her how I got my sister ?!! LOL they are truly unique. and we as moms are blessed to experience that
Mike Prochaska
Love this! To many people try to make kids do what we adults want them to do Instead of letting them direct us
Holly Budde
thank you!! i learned early they have minds of their own! within reason,I let them be. .. its their life to live. Annnd its totally fun to see them develop as their own.

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