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2 years ago

Creative Home Décor: ​6 Very Cool Home Décor Items That Will Blow Your Mind & Get People Talking

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, and our homes tell the tales we want them to. We control the vibe and aesthetics of the houses we live in, so we can be as creative as we like. It's important to pay attention to every corner of the house. Why leave any space devoid of your personality, right? The charisma of your house should leave a subtle, yet profound, impact on anybody that walks through its doors. Your home should feel uniquely yours, and it should express who you are

Since so many people are into decorating their homes, it may difficult to get your hands on some exclusive home décor you're interested in. Here's a list of very cool items that will blow your mind (and get people talking)!

1. DNA Portraits

A beautiful blend of science and design has brought an amazing form of art – DNA portraits. This technological advancement is relatively new but gaining traction. Imagine seeing your own DNA, or that of a loved one, on a wall of your home! The individuality of the artwork is unmatched. The pictorial presentation of your DNA on the wall – what a great symbolic item to have for yourself. DNA11 has been a reliable company for anyone interested in this highly-personalized art form. The company offers a painless and simple way to collect DNA for this purpose.

Your biological representation takes just a few days to complete and is delivered right to your doorstep. DNA11 allows you to choose from various frame options and attach a digital sign on the portrait. It may sound like an offbeat and whimsical way to decorate your home, but it's a great method to commemorate your loved ones, or even yourself!

Photo: DNA11

2. Geometric Sculptures

The renowned philosopher Plato said, "Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy." Sculptures and idols of all shapes and sizes – miniature or large – are coveted items to decorate a home. These classic pieces lend beauty to the space they're displayed in. Interesting pieces always draw attention and can be conversation starters.

Unconventional sculptures have found their way onto shelves in many houses. Statues of various objects or animals have become popular, especially ones with fine cuts and sharp marks. Many symbolic pieces like metal circles or ellipses intertwined with each other have become popular. This modern art form in sync with geometry radiates immense optimism. Set it up in your home and let it work its magic. It can add charm to any room.

3. Celestial Desktop Time Keeper

You can never go wrong with clocks and watches. These powerful symbols make a lasting impact. In terms of home ornaments, clocks are a timeless choice. Their grandeur never fades. Since we are eons ahead of the original creators of time-telling devices, we have to fabricate clocks for home décor, adding a celestial touch.

Desk clocks with a vintage look are taking the internet by storm. These timekeepers appear to be straight out of the lab of an Old World scientist. An ancient-looking object can add to the mood of your workspace. A short glance at the clock can provide enthusiasm, esteem and regard for its beauty. These are often used at desktops and workstations, but you can pick your favorite spot.

4. Sand Art Sculpture

Sand art is enchanting, and creative versions of this art never fail to impress. Why not include a sand art sculpture in your home decorating collection? A miniature sand décor item may be all you need in order to include a soothing aspect of nature in your home. Watching the replication of sand dripping from a higher to a lower dune can be a form of mindfulness.

You can select one with a natural panoramic view caged in a glass shell to enhance your desk. With the help of colored sand and carefully sealed in a wooden frame, the decorative accessory looks almost as flawless as reality. Have a special place in your heart for the Aurora Borealis? Then try putting one on your desk. A creative mirage of natural aesthetics can bring much-needed respite during a busy workday.

5. Handskalad

A famous product by IKEA is the talk of YouTube – a figurine of a human hand made of wood. The main purpose of this wooden hand art is to elevate the appearance of a specific spot in your home. This quirky piece can be a great choice if you're casual and chill with your house vibe. The piece comes unpainted, but some people opt to paint the nails different colors. It may appear odd for the first second, but then, it grows on you. The fingers of the hand can be twisted exactly like human hands, so be careful and have fun with it!

Photo: IKEA

6. Bookends

For book lovers, bookshelves have been a much-loved item for home decorating. But sometimes organizing all those books can be a chore. If you're looking for another way to display some of the books in your collection, bookends may be the solution for you. 

Bookends are simple, decorative objects placed to hold up your books and keep them from falling wherever you display them. Bookends come in a variety of different themes: animals, plants, characters, you name it. And they're easy to buy on the internet. These are quirky pieces of organization and decoration that can be added to any room. These pieces are unique additions to your home and can reflect your personality.

All these unique décor items can add a splash of your personality throughout your home. Be creative, have fun and get decorating!

Photo (main): DNA11

This post is sponsored by DNA11.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, very cool ideas here. I am amazed by the DNA portraits, wow! Not only is it personalized, it's actually really striking. Thanks for the great home decorating ideas!
I’m an IKEA fan. Simple but nice, and I feel like there’s something there for everyone.
Donna John
Love the DNA print idea!!!
I love to have big, funky clocks on the walls. They serve that dual purpose of telling time and also providing a cool aesthetic.
With more of us staying at home now, investing in personalized decor that makes us happy is such a good idea!
Julie Rose
Very cool stuff. ❤️
Thank you for this wonderful blog.

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