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The Positive Side of Social Media: 7 Ways to Make Social Media a Positive Force in Your Life

Social media is a huge part of our lives and it simply can't be ignored. The amount of people using social media platforms every day is staggering. Twitter has 229 million active daily users, 1 billion people are on Instagram a month and Facebook has a whopping 2.96 billion monthly active users. While social media can come with some negatives, it also has the ability to improve our lives in many ways. Here are seven ways you can make social media a positive force in your life:

1. Make Connections

A few decades ago, it was a challenge for some to connect with people unless it was at a social gathering. Now many people have hundreds – and even thousands – of friends on their Facebook or Instagram page. They may not hang out and have coffee together in real life, but they are considered friends and are interacted with, often on a daily basis.

Most people consider others met through social media as friends, because meeting through a social media app usually does not reduce the connection you may feel. Social media can help you find people who enjoy the same activities as you do. When you're on Twitter, use hashtags to keep an eye out for like-minded people who are interested in creating relationships due to common interests, hobbies or locations. 

2. Sprinkle Positivity

Instead of sitting behind your screen criticizing or judging others, use social media to spread kindness. Share an inspiring quote a friend posted, like that beautiful photo on Instagram and retweet that funny joke or comment on Twitter. By drizzling positivity online, you may create a ripple effect in your social media circle and motivate others to do the same. It feels good to have something that inspired you shared by others, which is an act of kindness.

3. Make the World Seem Smaller

Social media platforms allow you to communicate with others quickly, no matter where the person lives. Being able to do that opens up the world like never before. No matter where your social media friends and family live, when you post something, everyone sees it – no matter if they're in the same town as you or across the pond. This makes it easier to keep family members who don't live close by up to date with your life and events in your world. Social media makes your actual location not as important when building connections.

4. Problem Awareness

If you're on social media regularly, you've probably noticed a pattern of activities among different friends and contacts. Many people change their profile pictures to reflect a current cause or awareness month. You can show your support for breast cancer awareness, for example, by adding a pink ribbon to your profile picture or making it pink.

In 2015, more than 26 million people changed their picture to a rainbow flag to "celebrate pride" after the landmark Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage a right across the United States. The rainbow wave lead to the hashtag #LoveWins on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These campaigns are wonderful ways to spread awareness about problems that need attention. 

5. Fast Communication

Social media sites allow people to communicate quickly and see what others have on their minds. It can take only seconds to compose a tweet and get your thoughts out there to hundreds – if not thousands – of people. Because of this, many people don't even pick up the phone, which requires more time and effort. You can't just say what you want to say on a phone call and hang up – that would be rude. But with a text or post on social media, you say what you want to say and then you're done, unless you want to respond to any incoming comments.

6. Boost Morale

The world's morale has taken a hit with all of the negative news being broadcasted. Through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp, people can see others coming together jointly to spread kindness. On Twitter, for example, users can create Amazon wish lists where you can buy something needed for an organization, individual or group. Campaigns like this encourage people to give back and concentrate on positive things, diverting attention from negative media.

Video is one of the vastly popular mediums used on social media, like Instagram fitness, comedy, singing, dancing, etc. So it's no wonder that many people are sharing video content on their social media platforms. Videos are usually aimed at fun, and help bring a smile to people's faces. Entertainers ranging from Coldplay's Chris Martin to regional groups are flooding Facebook and YouTube to help keep people positive and happy.

7. A Lifeline for Everyone

Social media has opened up to new groups of people, such as senior citizens. Facebook organizations have sprung up across the nation to help vulnerable people who are isolated because of health problems or other reasons. People can reach out to others through social media platforms to chat, ask for help or get advice. This helps people come together as a community to support all people. People shine when they are kind and want to help one another.

While social media may have some negatives associated with it, when done right, the good can outweigh the bad. Use your social media channels to spread kindness and make this a better world for everyone.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so refreshing! We always hear about the negatives regarding social media. It is really nice to hear about the positives. So true that we can't ignore social media, so we may as well make the best of it. I love this perspective, thank you!
I definitely use social media for good. It’s all about being positive and spreading kindness. 🙏🏼
Love looking on the bright side of things. I use social media to lift up whenever possible. I wish others would too...
Donna John
It's sad that social media is used to negative so often. Love these tips!
Social media has helped me find my friends, because I find it much easier to communicate online. I am an extremely shy person, so it was social networks that helped me to loosen up and find new acquaintances. And also in my opinion social networks help with business

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