Kids Hate Having Their Hair Brushed? Try This Fun Game! by Ally Ritt

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5 years ago
Kids Hate Having Their Hair Brushed? Try This Fun Game!

Little girls aren’t always interested in “girly” things, like having their hair brushed and styled. To make it easier for me and more fun for them, I like to play “Mom’s Beauty Parlor.” As a bonus, this works for little boys, too! 

  • Play in a location where a large mirror is visible while seated in a chair. 
  • Have all your supplies at hand. 
  • Set the kids in a “waiting room” just outside the “salon” area, and call them in one by one. 
  • Give yourself a goofy name, and talk in a silly voice. Make jokes and “mistakes” often. The more you ham it up, the more the kids will have a blast and cooperate!

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Christine Jones
You might have just saved the day Ally Ritt ! Every morning we have the same fight and it's a terrible way to start the day. I'm already thinking up my silly name. Maybe I'll even wear a funny hat:)
Kim Kusiciel
I LOVE this!! So simple and effective. Growing up with three brothers I wished for little girls one day so that I could do their hair. Now, both of my girls won't let me touch it. I bet they'll play along with this idea though! Thank you Ally Ritt

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