No, Thank You: A Pediatric Urgent Care Doctor Shares Why She's Skipping the Party During the Pandemic by Dr. Christina Johns

8 months ago
No, Thank You: A Pediatric Urgent Care Doctor Shares Why She's Skipping the Party During the Pandemic

I got invited to a birthday party. An adult one.

I couldn’t believe it. A gathering? Of a group? My surprise stemmed from the fact that it came from a person who’s “all in” with the science of preventing COVID-19. And yet there it was: an invitation to an indoors, multiple-family, several-hour birthday party. Wow.

I’m sure I’m not alone, and we are all getting these kinds of invites. Now that COVID-19 infection rates are trending down, more people are getting vaccinated for COVID-19, and venues like movie theaters and sports arenas are reopening, people are starting to feel confident and bold. Maybe even letting their guard down.

We just can’t. Not yet.

My fitness instructor has always said near the end of each virtual class: “You didn’t come this far just to come this far!” Truer words have never been spoken.

If the holiday season showed us anything, it’s that COVID-19 loves a gathering of even a small number of people who don’t live in the same house together; bonus if you’re drinking and eating and laughing at that party. In January, the CDC reported positive weekly cases spiked to more than 300,000, a record high. It showed that when people get together in a group, they get sick.

The truth is, we know what we need to do.

When many of our kids went back to school in September, we collectively insisted they wear masks, stay 6 feet apart in the classroom and lunchroom, wash hands, travel up and down one-way stairwells and more. So why are adults not playing by the same rules?

For months now we have had a front-row seat to watching our kids show us how to deal with this pandemic. They march into schools confidently; they participate in class remotely; they bear the burden of new rules simply because they’ve been told it's the right thing to do and that it will protect their families and friends.

Let’s reverse roles and look to them as our models of best practice.

I know it’s a drag. As a mom, a daughter and a friend, I’m frustrated with not being able to do all the things I’d like to do, too. I want it to be like it used to be. But I also want to see fewer kids in my practice needing COVID-19 tests, and no kids in pediatric intensive care units with the post-COVID-19 inflammatory syndrome MIS-C.

We should be taking our COVID-19 cues from our kids and skipping the party. I RSVP’d “No, thank you."

Photo courtesy of PM Pediatrics. 

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Donna John
I have never looked at it that way. Our kids are now better rule followers than many adults. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Dr. Christina Johns, and for taking care of the kids.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so well said, Dr. Christina Johns . I'm grateful for your perspective, as a doctor and a mom. Hopefully it will help others understand we're not out of the woods yet, and that we need to hang in there until we are. Thanks for sharing, and we look forward to learning more from you!

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