​Playing Cupid During COVID: 7 Ideas for an Alternative Valentine’s Day by Noel McDermott

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11 months ago
​Playing Cupid During COVID: 7 Ideas for an Alternative Valentine’s Day

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us what is important in life and that is our love relationships. We’re are all old hands now at lockdown love, so this year let's mark this remarkable time and the resilience that love for each other has shown.

If your relationship has made it through to this point, it’s extra important to celebrate Valentines 2021. It’s truly special and shows that if you have made it through these stressful times, your relationship is resilient and has longevity. You can celebrate your love for each other and be confident it can survive what life might throw at it in the future. This will be the last Valentines in lockdown and odd as it may seem, we urge you not to waste the moment and treasure that important other who has traveled this journey with you.

So, for Valentines this year have a uniquely COVID celebration of your love for your most important partner in crime! Here’s a few thoughts for the special day and night:

  • If your relationship started post pandemic make an album of the first meeting, moving in etc.
  • Decide upon a Valentines themed menu together and cook together, or do a dish each.
  • Create a playlist of meaningful songs.
  • Dig out your wedding video or album and remind yourself of that special day.
  • Exercise that day together, go somewhere that means something to you both.
  • Play a game of Mr. and Mrs.
  • Set up your own cinema experience at home with all the trimmings!

Maybe include others in your planning and thinking and ask close friends what they plan to do. We can’t do the romantic meal in the midst of lots of other couples doing the same this year, but we can still publicly celebrate our love in a social way by sharing ideas, and maybe add some couples into your celebration via online experiences.

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Really nice ideas. 🙏🏼
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
A very different Valentine's Day this year, to be sure. Many thanks for the inspiration, Noel McDermott !

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