Virtual Valentine's Day Dates: ​8 Tips to Help Plan the Best Virtual Date During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Virginia Tech

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2 years ago

Virtual Valentine's Day Dates: ​8 Tips to Help Plan the Best Virtual Date During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dating during the coronavirus pandemic? The safest way to connect right now is with a virtual date this Valentine's Day. Heidi Williams, an assistant professor in College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Department of Sociology at Virginia Tech, suggests these tips to get to know your romantic interest and plan your ideal date:

  1. Use Grubhub or DoorDash to order food for you and your date.
  2. Pick a TV show or movie that you both might enjoy and chat with each other via Zoom or FaceTime during the viewing. If you know in advance what you will watch together, send something related to the show or movie to your love interest.
  3. Send your love interest your favorite T-shirt – you know the one that smells like you and is worn from wear! A piece of you will be with them during your date.
  4. A day or two before Valentine’s Day, send a playlist of your top 10 favorite songs. Plan to discuss why you like the songs and ask them which they enjoyed.
  5. Take a free online origami class together. The next time you see each other you can give them your creation as a souvenir from your date.
  6. Journal about why you are attracted to the other person, physically, emotionally and intellectually, and share your thoughts with them.
  7. Play a video or virtual game together.
  8. Capitalize on your intelligence and read passages of your favorite books aloud to each other.

The Advantages of a Virtual Date

  • You will get to see their entire face, mask free!
  • You will have an opportunity to get to know a prospective partner, as you will be focused on talking.
  • If this is a first date and things don’t go well, you likely saved some money, whether that means you didn’t buy new shoes or you didn’t have to pay for drinks or dinner.

If being face-to-face is vital, the following are suggestions:

  • Go for a hike on a local trail.
  • Rent a bike and explore your community.
  • Grab food, go to your favorite outdoor spot, and have a picnic. If it’s snowing, revert to hot chocolate or coffee and stroll through town.

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Love the idea to take an online class together. 💗
Elisa Schmitz
I have a few young adult children who are trying to date during the pandemic and it's just so hard. These are great tips for anytime, not just Valentine's Day. Thank you, Virginia Tech !

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