The Lasting Gift of Gratitude: 5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude This Valentine's Day by Mike Petouhoff

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The Lasting Gift of Gratitude: 5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude This Valentine's Day

Flowers and chocolates may be expected this Valentine’s Day, but those are gone nearly as quickly as they are given. This year, also consider giving your sweetheart the lasting gift of gratitude.

Having a genuine attitude of gratitude makes it easier to feel happier in your relationships and with life in general. The good news is that anyone can become more thankful. All it takes is a little practice. And Valentine’s Day is a great time to start! Here are five suggestions for making the special person (or people) in your life feel more loved on Valentine’s Day:

1. Write a Gratitude Journal

Skip the greeting card aisle this year. There’s no right or wrong way to say how much you appreciate someone. Say thank you for all the positives in your relationship. Maybe your partner makes you laugh, or has taught you how to manage difficult situations. Imagine their surprise and happiness after reading your heart-felt feelings. This is a tradition I discovered in Japan.

2. Share a Daily Gift of Gratitude With Friends, Parents, Siblings, Teachers and Mentors

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you love all the significant people in your life. I created to help others make setting aside this time for thankfulness a habit. For 12 consecutive days, subscribers receive a daily itinerary with three tabs:

  • Journey of the World: Each day, you will take a virtual trip to a different country where you will hear authentic music, learn something about their culture, and see what wisdom you can gain from their celebrations of gratitude.
  • Journey of the Mind: This part of the journey will reveal what modern research has discovered about how gratitude can improve your life in terms of happiness, health, relationships and success.
  • Journey of the Heart: This section guides you to choose something to do each day to bring the transforming gift of gratitude into your life. This Daily Practice section is actually the key to reaping the benefits of gratitude for yourself and your loved ones, and making it part of your life.

3. Record 3 Things Each Day That Make You Feel Good About Your Relationship

Go further than keeping a gratitude journal. Take a picture to record the moment. That photo will help you and your partner remember the positive feelings even more clearly.

4. Say "Thank You" More Often

Saying thank you makes people want to be around you. It also deepens established relationships, enabling you to have more frank discussions.

5. Do the Unexpected

Do something that’s clearly just for them. If you don’t cook, learn how to prepare your partner’s favorite meal. If you like to stay home but your partner likes to explore new places, plan a weekend getaway. Show your loved one how much you appreciate your differences as well as all you have in common.

I believe everyone should have a gratitude plan. I’ve uncovered that the world is filled with traditional gratitude celebrations, and there is a reason for that. Gratitude is part of the universal human spirit we all share, and cultures around the world have found the importance of cultivating it for centuries. There is also scientific research that provides modern evidence verifying gratitude can meaningfully impact your daily life. It all starts with finding the ways to express gratitude that feel most comfortable to you.

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Elisa Schmitz
Great idea to tie gratitude into Valentine's Day. That way, everyone can participate, no matter their relationship status. Thanks for sharing, Mike Petouhoff , and welcome to 30Seconds!
This is lovely. 🙏🏼
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing......

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