Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Poem About Simpler Times & Returning to Childhood (For a Moment) by Marge Jesberger

3 years ago

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Poem About Simpler Times & Returning to Childhood (For a Moment)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Look in the mirror.
What do you see?
A little girl, who
Grew up to be me.

She had brunette hair
And big brown eyes
Her life was one
Continuous surprise.

On any given day
She danced and she twirled
And didn’t have a single
Care in the world.

Her facial features
Looked very familiar
Her eyes, nose and mouth
Were really quite similar.

She looked back at me
With hope and with wonder.
Who was I to steal
Her youthful thunder?

As the little girl grew
Her childhood would disappear
And a mature woman would
Replace the image in the mirror.

She became an adult,
The transition was complete
This little lady was someone
I’d really like to meet.

Now my eyes are cloudy
And my hair is thin,
But I’d like to bring back
That little girl within.

I will glance in the mirror
One last time
And hope to get a glimpse of
That little friend of mine.

Now it's time for her to depart,
But this feeling will stay deep in my heart
I’ll always cherish this special connection
With that little girl’s smiling reflection.

Do you wish you could go back to your childhood?

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Donna John
Love this! Think it's my favorite of your poems so far, Marge Jesberger .
Marge Jesberger
Thanks I usually write humorous poems
Marge Jesberger
the pictures you chose we're really appropriate
Donna John
I'm am so happy you think so! I try to find the perfect photo(s) for every post. Some are harder than others. :)
Erin Jesberger
Love it!! You are so talented, Aunt Marge!
Elisa Schmitz
Beautiful poem, Marge Jesberger ! Thanks for all you share with us.

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