Imposter Syndrome Is Kind of Like Having IBS: Here's Why & 5 Ways to Manage Imposter Syndrome by Jennifer Coken

2 years ago

Imposter Syndrome Is Kind of Like Having IBS: Here's Why & 5 Ways to Manage Imposter Syndrome

While our self-doubt and limiting beliefs can help us acknowledge risk or even push us toward success at times, it can also be downright frustrating to constantly consider. With actual irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you are likely always considering what you eat. With "irritable belief system" (aka imposter syndrome), you’re probably constantly weighing the pros and cons of what you say or do. “Should I do/say X or will that lead to Y?” (You know, the same way you have to constantly choose what you eat.)

What I want is for all of us is to resolve our irritable belief systems. I want us to move from irritable to impressive. Rather than our self-talk and personal beliefs about our own capabilities convincing us to not go after that promotion, lead with confidence or share that idea that may be industry-changing, I want our self-talk and personal beliefs to encourage our actions, cheerlead our efforts and validate our awesomeness.

We can’t have that strong inner game without truly understanding what the eff is rubbing that belief system wrong and then implementing a dynamic prescription. I use the word dynamic intentionally.

Dynamic (adj): 1. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity or progress.

Your prescription needs to evolve as you do and require action. Here's your five-step plan to managing your IBS:

  1. Acknowledge you have imposter syndrome.
  2. Identify what type of imposter syndrome you have. Start by taking my quiz.
  3. Determine with a coach how you came by your IBS (not the nature part but the nurture part; aka your originating incident).
  4. Use play when your IBS rears its ugly head.
  5. Create a personalized roadmap and follow it (again, with a coach).

It’s time you turn your IBS from irritable to impressive. Trust me. When suddenly you can be your biggest fan, championing your every move, making decisions with confidence and leading like the badass you are, you’ll be seriously impressed (as will I) that your beliefs are pushing you further ahead instead of holding you back.

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Elisa Schmitz
I always appreciate your insights, Jennifer Coken . You are so right!

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