Holiday Jitters Poem: A Humorous Look at Festive Paranoia This Christmas Season by Marge Jesberger

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2 years ago

Holiday Jitters Poem: A Humorous Look at Festive Paranoia This Christmas Season

Holiday Jitters

I get anxious about the holidays
as far back as June.
The festive paranoia strikes
at every full moon.

I worry about shopping
and all that stuff.
Ribbon and antacids,
“Will I have a enough?”

will it be a sin?
“Is he on his way out
or is he still “in?”

The clock is ticking
so I have to hurry.
Even my favorite
website is blurry.

I’m tangled in tinsel
immersed in a fog,
and what do you buy
for that pampered dog?

The snow is falling
in no-two-alike flakes.
Should we make fancy cookies
or bake a lot of cakes?

It’s Christmas Eve
finally, I can relax.
Time to build a fire
and bring out the snacks.

Waking up the next morning
the suspense was all gone,
the presents were ripped open
before the crack of dawn!

It’s the day after the holiday
so I figured “what the heck,”
I won’t worry about the bills,
cause Santa bounced the check!

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What a cute poem! 🎄
Elisa Schmitz
Such a sweet and fun poem, Marge Jesberger , that captures so much of what we feel during the holidays. This one is particularly anxiety-provoking. Cheers to even happier holidays next year!
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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