How to Text Santa: Add Some Magic to Your Socially Distanced Christmas by Sammi

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3 years ago

How to Text Santa: Add Some Magic to Your Socially Distanced Christmas

Writing letters to Santa has always been a wonderful Christmas tradition for children all over the world. However, technology has evolved and Santa does try to keep up with the times, so why not text him, too?

We started texting Santa last year when my boys started to feel a bit doubtful of his existence. My sister, who is a Santa super-fan, agreed to help. Here's how it went down:

  • Then I saved the number as "Santa Claus" on my phone, complete with display picture and holiday notification sounds.

Now whenever my sons text Santa, they get to have a fun, memorable conversation with their auntie.

Many of us will not be able to spend the holidays with our loved ones this year. This is a fun way to still get relatives involved in the Christmas magic.

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Donna John
LOVE this idea, Samantha Harris ! Going to see if my daughter will do it with my grandson. And yes, I want to be Santa. :-) Ashlee Smith
Elisa Schmitz
That is a genius idea, Samantha Harris ! So sweet. We have to keep the magic alive, now more than ever. Believe! Donna John , you'll make a great Santa!!
What a sweet thing to do.

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