Health & Well-being During the Coronavirus Pandemic: ​5 Wellness Tips for Families in Lockdown or Quarantine by 30Seconds Mom

3 years ago

Health & Well-being During the Coronavirus Pandemic: ​5 Wellness Tips for Families in Lockdown or Quarantine

The year 2020 has been one that many of us will want to forget. The way we used to live our lives changed overnight because of the coronavirus pandemic. While we’re nearing the end of 2020 with the news of promising vaccines, there are still government guidelines we must follow to keep our loved ones and others safe.

Lockdowns and quarantines have been implemented by the government, resulting in millions of people having to stay at home. If you are at home with your family, keeping your health and well-being in check is critical. Here are some useful wellness tips that you and your loved ones can make use of during your time at home:

1. Eat Healthily

If you are in lockdown or quarantine, try and use this time as an opportunity to eat healthier. With many fast-food restaurants having to shut because of COVID-19, there isn’t as much temptation to indulge in processed food. As a parent, your focus should be on providing nutritious meals and encouraging healthy eating for your children. Make sure their plates are packed with fruits, vegetables and hearty foods that are beneficial for their health and well-being. Have some treats that will give you something to look forward to, otherwise, you and your family may struggle.

2. Exercise

If you and your family are used to being on the go, the slower pace of life that lockdown has brought may be hard to cope with. If you fall into this category, try to make regular exercise a priority. There are lots of fun activities that you and your loved ones can participate in from the comfort of your home. If you’re a family of golf lovers, there are golf mats and nets you can purchase. These are great for home use and keeping fit. For those who are struggling with the impact on their social life, there are virtual physical activity programs that you can join in, allowing you to connect with others.


3. Be Open With Your Feelings

While some families will see lockdown as a breeze, others may struggle to be under the same roof for long periods. You and your family’s mental health should be your top priority. So, if you are struggling to get through the day or notice a change in your children’s mood and behavior, make sure you factor in time where you can come together as a family unit and discuss your feelings. Having the opportunity to open up and be honest with one another can change the dynamic for the better and ensure everyone knows where they stand.

4. Get Enough Sleep

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without a COVID-19 update. Understandably, your stress levels may rise during these unprecedented times. If you’re having difficulty getting enough sleep, there are lots of tactics that can aid sleep and help you wake up feeling full of energy and positive. Whether you achieve this by going to bed and waking up at the same time, reducing your screen time or getting rid of clutter, you may notice an improvement should you follow any of these strategies.

5. Try Something New

With many of us feeling like the days are blurring into one, being in a constant "Groundhog Day" will do your mind and body no favors. While there are negatives associated with COVID-19, there are some positives from the pandemic, too. Now is the perfect time to try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Trying out a new hobby can be a good way to keep your mind focused and engaged.

If your area has gone into lockdown, being constantly surrounded by your loved ones may be a blessing and a curse. To get through lockdown or quarantine and ensure you and your family stay protected and healthy throughout, all the wellness tips above may help.

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Elisa Schmitz
Awesome suggestions for using our time at home in the most healthy ways possible. This is a great time to try new things as well as enjoy hobbies we already have but may have lost track of. I love the idea for the golf net. I may just get one for my husband for Christmas, thank you!
Sleep is key. Without sleep everything else falls apart. Great tips here.
Healthy diet and exercise are important always but especially during the pandemic. Keep it up, friends!
What a great way to keep up with your golf game in the colder months. Looks like a ton of fun.
Donna John
Great tips!! Love the idea of a golf net in the house. What do you think, Meredith Schneider ? I know you play golf.
Gwen Johnson
Hopefully this will be over soon. Prayers for our country.

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