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​#30Seconds In-Depth: Navigating Back to School During the Coronavirus Pandemic With Savvy Schooling Mom Holly Budde by Donna John

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​#30Seconds In-Depth: Navigating Back to School During the Coronavirus Pandemic With Savvy Schooling Mom Holly Budde

Back-to-school time is always hectic for parents, but never more so than in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has produced more questions than answers when it comes to kids returning to school, and parents need to stick together and support each other now more than ever. That’s why we were so excited to welcome Holly Budde, a Texas-based mom of two teenage daughters, to share advice and answer questions about going back to school during the pandemic.

Holly, whose daughters went back to school in person recently, discussed how parents can help prepare their kids to return to school, homeschooling when returning is not an option, reducing screen time and her experiences so far with her two teens. But no topic was off the table. Read on for advice, tips and inspiration for this unprecedented school year.

Q: How can parents prepare kids to return to school?

Parents play an important role in their kid's education. A positive "can do it" attitude sets the foundation for the child/school relationship. Allow your kids to freely speak to you about their anxieties and fears. Be their leader in an age appropriate manner, talk honestly with them without scaring them.

Q: Many schools are still closed. What advice can you give homeschooling parents? 

  • Do the best you can. If it looks and feels like total chaos, it's because it is! Don't be so hard on yourself!
  • Set up workplaces just for school. Allow flexible spaces and seating. Outside spaces can be ideal for kids!
  • For older children, like mine, self-study is easier but they need specific rules about assignments due and time for school only.

Q: How can we reduce the amount screen time our kids are using?

Every insist on some down time to get your kid off the computer screens and spend their energy with free/unscheduled time. Set a specific time each evening that all devices are off – including yours! The most positive thing I've seen about homeschool is the time I had with my kids. Use it wisely for the whole family's benefit. If the weekends are the only time you have, then create a fun day. Park, nature walks, cookouts, something simple and fun.

Q: Some districts are returning to in person school or hybrid study. Any experience with this?

Yes. I have two in junior high who returned. They love it. All day masks do not bother them at all. Our district has social distancing rules and if kids don't follow them, they will be sent back home. In the hybrid model for college, my daughter actually has more time to study, and still goes to campus biweekly. Returning has mostly been a positive experience for my kids.&

Q: Any final thoughts for parents tonight?

  • Parents struggle with the "right choice." Whatever is best for your family is the right choice.
  • Every kid is different. No one knows your kids more than you. 
  • Interact accordingly with them and their teachers.
  • Don't expect perfection from the kids or yourself. 
  • Try not to compare your house with others. 
  • Practice self-love, parents! You can't do it all, especially if you're worn out. Take time out for YOU!

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Mike Prochaska
My kids go back half day October 15
Donna John
While I don't have kids in school anymore (thank the lord!), I do have a grandson in 3rd grade who is going to school in person, so very interested in this topic. Look forward to chatting with everyone. Holly Budde
Elisa Schmitz
Oh, my. I really feel for parents this school year. I see the struggles my college kids are having with remote learning. I can only imagine how hard it is with little ones. Thank you so much, Holly Budde , for sharing your tips with us. Can't wait to chat with you!
Karen L
Count me in! Mine has been remote learning (public school at home) for 6 years now but everything has changed even for us.
Meredith Schneider
I’ll be there 🤗 have 3 at home remote and one in college 🤪
Toni B
Yeah! It will be so nice to "see" everyone again.
Holly Budde
so Glad to see all of you and can't wait to chat with you tonight!
Michael Kennedy
Sorry I missed this one, west coast time threw me off, but I enjoyed reading on Twitter - Cheers all.

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