A Final Letter to Our Furry Friend: Lessons Learned From a Family Pet by Michael Kennedy

2 years ago

A Final Letter to Our Furry Friend: Lessons Learned From a Family Pet

Dearest Sir PiPig,

As I sat hugging your favorite 6-year and 12-year-old girls today, we were full of tears and sadness. I tried to muster any form of life lesson or soothing story to get us through the hours on the day you left us. I spoke of the Rainbow Bridge poem, reminded her of the movie Coco and shared the messages that we will someday see you again. But as you know, today was a tough day as we had to say goodbye.

You arrived at our house six years ago, a spunky little gift from Santa Claus to the children. Our little boy and children fell in love with you immediately. And as you know, you were named Sir PiPig because when the children would play dress up and they would imagine your guinea pig cage was a castle and you were the reigning knight. You were full of energy, life and plenty of squeaks. You were adored and were my office mate for many years sitting across the table from me every day. I will miss all our secret communications over the top of my computer, and we will miss your spark.

Unfortunately, your quality of life deteriorated to the point of no return, and we knew the veterinarian was going to advise a tough choice. Still, you remained incredibly funny and sweet until you quietly slept away. Your last week was filled with more hugs, pets and snuggles than ever as we slowly prepared the children for the inevitable. We were so happy we told you we loved you every day.

But Sir PiPig, if it’s OK, I want to switch from sad to happy, and I want to thank you. I want to thank you not only for sharing your beautiful existence with us but also for reminding us of one of life’s most valuable lessons.

Don’t waste time.

Life can be cut short, change or be taken away at any given moment. Tell people and animals you love them daily, reach out to old friends and be kind to people. Tell someone they look beautiful and thank them for their excellent service. Write thank-you notes and call people on the phone just to check in. Wish people a good morning every day and a good night every night. Have a carpe diem mentality, but in this case, apply it to people, especially those you love. Live a fruitful and honest daily life, so when you hit the pillow nightly, you have no regrets.

Thank you.

Sir PiPig, we will miss you dearly. Thank you for your life with us, and we are incredibly grateful that you freshened a reminder and a beautiful life lesson into our home. Your six years with us filled us with laughter, love and smiles, and ultimately you left us with your wisdom and memories.

We will still look after your best friend Doug-Doug the bunny, and we’ll all see you someday ... on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge.

We love you,
Your human family

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Donna John
I am in tears. So sorry for your family's loss, Michael Kennedy . My dog is 13 years old and I'm starting to notice changes in her. I try not to dwell on it, but know that day is coming. Here's to the pets who've crossed the rainbow bridge, and those we love who will join them one day. Mine will get extra hugs and treats today.
Elisa Schmitz
"Life can be cut short, change or be taken away at any given moment. Tell people and animals you love them daily, reach out to old friends and be kind to people." This is so beautiful, Michael Kennedy . I'm so sorry for your loss. We, too, have lost pets, including guinea pigs, who have been members of our family. Thank you for sharing the lessons learned that we all need to keep in mind. Sending hugs to you and your family. Thank you for sharing this!
Aw, I love this. Hugs to you and your family.
Mike Prochaska
Sorry for your loss!

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