How to Write a Cover Letter: 3 Steps to Writing a Cover Letter That Will Make You Shine by Kelli Anderson

a year ago
How to Write a Cover Letter: 3 Steps to Writing a Cover Letter That Will Make You Shine

“I love writing cover letters,” said no one ever! While some companies have done away with a cover letter requirement, most still uphold this archaic job-search tradition. So, if you have to write one, what’s the best way to do so without wasting your time?

  • Although it may sound counterproductive since a hiring manager wants to know about you, try talking about them first. Compliment or make a connection in the opening paragraph. This engages their interest from the start.
  • Continue to hold their attention throughout the letter by being concise, yet impactful. Pick your biggest strengths or qualifications and lead with them, making you irresistible to anyone reading. What can you provide that no other candidate can?
  • Don’t forget to close the letter with a call to action. Ask for a meeting to discuss further, along with a few examples of past projects that will show your work even before an interview is scheduled. How many other candidates are doing that?

You can see the exact cover letter that landed me several copywriting jobs. Feel free to craft it to be your own template. As you’re applying for jobs it will take you just a few minutes to re-purpose your template to create a personalized cover letter for that specific position.

Be authentic and feel excited as you write your cover letter. Those emotions will come across as it lands in the inbox of your potential hiring manager. Cover letters don’t have to make you break out in cold sweats. Take the opportunity to use them to your advantage.

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So helpful, thanks! 👍
Kelli Anderson
Cassiday I'm so glad! Hope it helps you land a great job.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great advice and insights, Kelli Anderson . Authenticity is key. Cover letters are so important, yet can be so tricky. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
Kelli Anderson
Thanks Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds ! Yes, they are, but can work wonders when done correctly!

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