"I Will Survive" Isn’t Just a Song, It’s Truth: Why You Will Survive the Hardships You're Facing Right Now by Jennifer Coken

3 years ago

"I Will Survive" Isn’t Just a Song, It’s Truth: Why You Will Survive the Hardships You're Facing Right Now

All right, here it is. The biggest truth bomb when it comes to failing spectacularly: you will survive. (It’s more than just a song title, you know?)

Seriously. You will.

I know that you’re used to being in control or prefer it. I know that you’ve crossed your T's and dotted your I’s to prevent that thing from going south or sour. You think of problems from every angle. You have back up plans for days. Except, some stuff, my friend, just isn’t in your control and you ain’t perfect. (Hate to break it to you.) Mistakes are going to happen. It’s all good though  mistakes are growth.

So, while I know that thing not going quite right is going to sting a little, and it may seem like you’re not going to make it because you’re convinced that the sheer embarrassment, or disappointment or frustration is going to outright end you, take a deep breath (and a long bath) and remember tomorrow is still going to be there. Those emotions you’re feeling, those thoughts running around in your noggin’ tellin’ you all kinds of unhelpful things, won’t kill you. They’ll just suck for a while.

Life may seem so much bigger than you are, but it isn’t. I’m sure you’ve had at least one other experience in life where it felt like all hell's breaking loose and you’d never get over it and if you survived that part of life, you will survive this one.

Cue the music...

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Jennifer Coken
I got you singing it in your head now, don't I???
Elisa Schmitz
I'm singing this song right along with you, Jennifer Coken , and you are so right. We will get through this. We can even come out stronger, together.
Jennifer Coken
Yes we can! and we will!

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