Baby-Care Hacks: A Simple Trick to Remember Baby Bottles & Other Items When Traveling With Baby by Angel C

8 months ago
Baby-Care Hacks: A Simple Trick to Remember Baby Bottles & Other Items When Traveling With Baby

Have a baby and always leaving your filled baby bottles in the refrigerator at other people's homes? Here's my best tip when visiting friends or family with a newborn that is bottle fed: When you arrive put your car keys in the refrigerator along with any bottles you’ve brought.

Why? This way, when you leave, you will need to get your keys from refrigerator and gather up the rest of bottles, etc. You’ll never forget them again.

This trick also works for anything you are taking home from refrigerator like leftovers or a home-cooked meal from mom.

What's your best tip for parents with a newborn? Share below!

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I would never have thought of that. Thank you for sharing, Angel C . We look forward to more tips from you!

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