The New Coronavirus Hobby Is Becoming a Writer: Why You Should Consider Writing Your Story by Charlene Torkelson

3 years ago

The New Coronavirus Hobby Is Becoming a Writer: Why You Should Consider Writing Your Story

Coronavirus! Suddenly, we are all quarantined and the world has changed the daily lifestyle we’ve all become so accustomed to living. We have face masks, social distancing, ZOOM, jigsaw puzzles and baking sourdough bread. We have to ration toilet paper and order everything from curbside restaurants and Amazon. Our dogs are even tired from so many daily walks. We can’t remember what day it is because one day feels like the day before and will feel like the day after. 

As a ballroom dance teacher and writing instructor, one side of my life has literally dried up. People no longer want to “touch dance” with a partner. However, the other side as a writing instructor has become the new rage. Everyday I receive requests from a new budding writer to “take a look at” a new writing piece. They've decided when sitting at home, why not just read the new novel, but also begin to write the new novel?

My writers email, text and call each day to check on the progress of their writing efforts. I edit, suggest, illustrate and publish. COVID-19 has successfully forced us to actually attempt the goals we’ve put on our bucket list all these years. At the end of the day, we now can actually say we accomplished something! 

Monday no longer runs into Tuesday. We have a story to tell, whether it be an article, short story, poem or full-length novel. I for one find this new trend exciting and refreshing. And the new writers have a tangible product at the end of their day. 

So, pick up that pen or turn on your computer and begin a new phase in your life. Tell your story! Let the world read about what you have on your mind. Share your thoughts and ideas.

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What a great thing to do during quarantine. 🙌
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Charlene Torkelson . I was writing even before the pandemic, but have focused even more on it during this time. Thank you for the great suggestion, and good for you for helping others to write their stories!
Gwen Johnson
Grabbing my laptop now. Thanks for the inspiration, Charlene Torkelson .
Michael Kennedy
So spot on for me and so true. I've focused on writing longer stories from life and compiling them on a blog. Bravo to all the writers out there :) Let's do this.
Patty Ronchetto
Enjoyed your article, Char.

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