The Face Mask Debate: 7 Questions for People Who Oppose Wearing a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic to Think About by Bernice Wood

3 years ago

The Face Mask Debate: 7 Questions for People Who Oppose Wearing a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic to Think About

I have a legitimate question. I know that there are those who are vehemently opposed to being made to wear a mask. I also know that some people think that the entire pandemic is a hoax. I know that those against masks say that it’s a violation of their personal freedom. I know that some say that masks don’t work. Personally, I am somewhere in the middle of all of the above.

Let me play the devil's advocate for a minute and ask a few questions for you to think about:

  1. First of all, many of y’all remember when the laws were put into place requiring people to wear their seatbelt. Same protests back then  personal freedom, my vehicle, my body, I can’t breathe, it’s too uncomfortable. Yet it became the law and very few people would consider balking at this nowadays as it has proven to save lives.
  2. If wearing a mask could possibly keep not only you from getting sick, but your children or elderly parents, why wouldn’t you want to protect those you love?
  3. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), almost everyone knows someone in their circle who has gotten very sick or even died. So even if you think that the government is behind all the hype and hoopla (and the media) it doesn’t change the fact that people are sick and dying. Someone’s mother, father, child. Whether the numbers are skewed or not, people are dying.
  4. If there is a slim chance that you may be asymptomatic and that wearing a mask while out in public could possibly keep you from spreading the virus to a child or cancer patient or someone’s grandparents, wouldn’t you want to protect them? Imagine how you would feel if you were to inadvertently infect someone who died?
  5. Health-care workers and other occupations wear masks all day long, many for 12-hour shifts. If they can do it, the majority of the population could wear masks on a regular basis. Sure it sucks and would take some getting used to, but people are tough and resilient when we need to be! Stop being such wimps!
  6. If it turns out to be a hoax, well, we were all inconvenienced for a couple of months, big deal. But what if it’s not a hoax, not just a cold, not just a flu? What if we could have saved the life of your coworker, your neighbor, your child, by wearing a mask??? Isn’t that worth the inconvenience?
  7. And one last thought about personal freedom being infringed upon. How many of y’all have a social security number? An emissions sticker on your car? Have taxes taken out of your paycheck? A driver’s license? And you are balking about wearing a mask??

I know that some of my friends may not like what I’ve said. And if you don’t agree that is fine. But before you post your rebuttal, I want you to seriously consider all the points of my post.

Edit: I am never going to call someone out in public for not wearing a mask, nor would I do so on social media. I have no idea who is for or against unless you have specifically stated such, and even then I’m not going to remember!

What do YOU think? Tell us below. 

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You made a lot of good points here. Thank you and wear the mask, everyone! 😷
Elisa Schmitz
I really appreciate you writing this, Bernice Wood . I agree with you. Wearing a mask is the least we can do to save lives, even if it's not our own. Thank you for raising the issue and exploring all sides. Stay safe!
Better to be safe than sorry. Don't understand what all the controversy is about. The sooner we wear the masks and do what we need to do, the sooner we can get through this.
Angel C
I said the same thing about masks in relation to the seatbelt law. I personally don’t think it’s a hoax. People are dying- LOTS of people. I truly believe that face masks should be worn when inside public places when you are in closer contact with others. It should be a law at least for now until a vaccine is developed. As far as outside goes, as long as people are distancing with 6 feet or more, or are with their own family in their yard, then that’s their call depending on the vulnerability of who they with.
Michael Kennedy
This has great points, especially the seatbelt analogy. We've all (family of 5) gotten so used to wearing them sometimes we forget to take them off in the's no big deal.
Well said.
Nicole DeAvilla
Well said. Thanks for posting this.
Nicole DeAvilla
My sister is an Emergency Veterinarian. She has to wear her mask for 14 hour shifts. She says, sure it is bothersome sometimes, but it won't kill you - or someone else.
Mike Prochaska
My wife wears when she not in her office but not in her office anymore.
Mike Prochaska
I want someone to write a tip from the other side of this argument. To me the mask laws and rules don’t make any sense. For example you can go out to eat and not wear a mask at a reastraunt but then kids have to wear a mask at school. As a meme I read said maybe move school to a reastraunt. And what about outdoors? Do u really need to wear a mask outside? And why can u walk on the beach on flordia but not allowed to swim? Isn’t both considered exercise ? So I get why people are against wearing masks. There no common sense being used when making the rules. Yeah if I goto a crowded Walmart I’m gonna wear a mask. But outside with my kiddo no way.

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