Beauty Product Giveaway Contest: Tell Us Your Best Skin-care Tip or Hack for Your Chance to Win a Cleanser & Moisturizer Duo Set From Perfect Image by 30Seconds Beauty

23 days ago
Beauty Product Giveaway Contest: Tell Us Your Best Skin-care Tip or Hack for Your Chance to Win a Cleanser & Moisturizer Duo Set From Perfect Image

Does the coronavirus pandemic have you stressed out? We know that stress can affect your skin, hair and overall health, so how are you caring for your skin during these troubling times? Share your best skin-care tip or hack in the comments section below for your chance to win two fabulous skin-care products from Perfect Image

Contest Rules: Share your best skin-care tip in the comments section below by July 31, 2020. You may share up to three separate tips as three separate comments. A panel of judges from 30Seconds and a representative of Perfect Image will choose the best tip based on their knowledge of skin care and what may be most helpful to others. Winner will be announced on this page by August 14, 2020. Judges' decision is final. Contest void where prohibited. Giveaway only open to those living in the continental United States. Prize valued at $55 and will be fulfilled by KMR Communications. Read more general contest rules here.

About Perfect Image

Does your skin-care routine need a boost without breaking the bank? Perfect Image, whose products were formulated by a chemist, delivers the ultimate skin-perfecting duo to rescue your clogged pores and sun-damaged skin.

STEP ONE: CLEAR Salicylic Deep Gel Cleanser

A blend of salicylic and glycolic acids merge to create the Salicylic Deep Gel Cleanser, targeting both the surface and deeper levels of the skin. This exfoliating agent works to quickly clear skin of the lingering impurities and creates a perfect base for peel application.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid improves your skin’s texture, tone and appearance
  • Salicylic acid gently exfoliates, unclog pores, decreases sebum production and rebalances oily skin without irritating acne flare-ups
  • Tea Tree Oil – helps soothe skin and prevents dryness

STEP TWO: REPLENISH Hydra-Repair™ Wrinkle Cream

Perfect for dry, rough and damaged skin, this healing cream contains essential ingredients that restore, replenish and smooth healthy skin. Soothing natural plant extracts such as cucumber, green tea,and chamomile, provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties necessary to replenish and protect the skin after exfoliating.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and replenishes the skin
  • Matrixyl® 3000 promotes collagen production, stimulates fibroblast cells (cells that help generate connective tissue and promotes healing) within the skin
  • Argireline® relaxes facial muscle tension and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Aloe Vera anti-inflammatory, skin-repairing and tightening

The "Beauty" of Perfect Image Products Is How They Are Made:

  • paraben-free
  • gluten-free
  • phthalate-free
  • cruelty-free
  • made in the USA

Ready to share your best skin-care tip? Scroll down and post it in the comments section below. Good luck! 

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so fun. I could use all the skincare tips I can get right now! My best tip is moisture, moisture, moisture. Every night before I go to sleep, I wash my face with mild cleanser and then spread a generous layer of night cream over my face. I feel like it needs the moisture more than ever, even in the humid summer. Stress takes its toll, and I feel like the moisture helps combat the stress. Don't skip - do it every night without fail! What's your best tip? Donna John Meredith Schneider Holly Budde Melinda Sharp Gigi Gaggero Tiffany Zook Margaret Steck Marge Jesberger Dawn Taylor Terri Jones Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP Teresa Washington Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Belinda Lichty Clarke Renee Herren Nicole DeAvilla Sheri B Doyle sherry bracy Kim Kusiciel Jessica Acree Stephanie Cannoe Jessica Lawrence Shannon Benish Ash Benton Jessica L. Williams Tiffany C Kimberly Barnes Andrea Hinckley Jamie-May King
Mei Marcie
Showers is definitely one area not to overlook! Showering with soap or harsh shower gel may dry and/or irritate your skin. The other consideration for shower is not to take too long or too hot water if your skin is dry - cos both showering too long or with hot water will dry your skin. Then not to rub yourself dry, but dab dry - you don't want to be hurting your skin structure by excessive rubbing!
Mei Marcie
Sunblock is necessary too! Go for physical reflector types with zinc oxide rather than the chemical absorbers that are more prone to irritate skin. The thing about sunblock? It is easy to underestimate how much you need to effectively cover your skin! About blocking sun? Eyes, face should also be protected, especially for children.
Tiffany Zook
I think many of us overlook the fact that our skin is the largest organ in the body. Our skin cries out for moisture, inside and out. Hydrate!! Get that h2o flowing on the inside and grab a moisturizer that promotes natural ingredients for the outside. Don’t forget sunblock during the daytime, and don’t forget to smile! Smiling hides wrinkles, try it🙂!
Donna John
Do not use a face scrub (exfoliant) every day. I learned this the hard way. My pores started getting bigger and then I started breaking out a little. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use a scrub every time you wash your face, which I was doing. I bought a couple different face washes and skipped the scrub completely for a while. It took a couple weeks, but I noticed my skin looked so much better. I went back to using a face scrub, but only about once a week or so.
Donna John
My other skin-care tip would be to use a vitamin C facial oil serum. I started that years ago and use it every day. I have some brown spots because of loving the sun and a medication I take, and it has helped a lot. Noticeably. I use it every morning before I put on my makeup, and just recently started using it at night to.
Nidhi C
Use the correct cleanser for your skin type, Moisturize both day and night, I normally use moisturizer right after shower and right before I go to bed. Exfoliate a couple times per week. I try to avoid direct heat exposure and most importantly drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
Terri Jones
I had problems with breakouts all my life until I started washing with grapeseed oil at night. I use it to remove my makeup and then rinse my face with a warm wash cloth. It has been like a miracle cure!
Gwen Johnson
Drink water!!! Your skin also needs to be nourished from the inside. I can tell such a difference in my skin when I'm hydrated.
I like to use an extra intensive eye cream because the skin around the eyes is different and needs specific ingredients. And be very gentle when you pat the cream into the eye area. Also be careful not to rub your skin too hard, especially around the eyes. Prevent wrinkles!

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