Unique ​Father's Day Gift Ideas: 7 Creative Ways to Make a Man Cave for the Special Dad In Your Life by 30Seconds Dad

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3 years ago

Unique ​Father's Day Gift Ideas: 7 Creative Ways to Make a Man Cave for the Special Dad In Your Life

With Father’s Day just around the corner, everyone is in the lookout for the perfect gift for the special men in their lives. Whether it’s your grandpa, father, husband or stepdad, you’ll want to make the day one to remember. Most men want their own man cave, so why not create one for that special dad in your life?

To make such a thoughtful gift come to life, you need some foolproof tips for pulling a man cave together. If you get it right, it’s a gift your dad can cherish on Father’s Day and beyond.

1. Choose the Right Color Scheme

When decorating a house, designers usually recommend sticking to light, neutral colors, but not when it comes to a man cave. Instead, you should embrace a darker color scheme to give a masculine touch to your dad’s man cave. Think of earthy colors, like greens, browns and burgundies, and pair with dark wooden finishes.

To avoid the space looking dark and small, make sure you choose a room with plenty of natural light. If like many men, your dad wants his man cave in the basement, you can scatter some lamps that have warm lighting in the darkest corners of the room.

2. Keep It Comfortable

If you're expecting your dad to spend hours on end in his new man cave, you’ll need to make sure it’s the most comfortable place in the home. It’s true that the sofa is the most important part, and you’ll need to invest in one that doesn't break the bank, but also looks great. It helps to position this sofa so it has the best view of the television.

For the colder months, prepare your dad’s man cave by buying some heavy throws that match the interiors. If your dad is expecting to have friends and family over to watch sports, it may also be wise to add some extra seating in the room.

3. Don't Forget the Tech 

No man cave is complete without some savvy technology. From over-ear headphones to the latest smart television, gaming consoles to sound systems, you’ll get the best idea of what tech to include in the man cave based on what your dad’s interests are. For example, if he loves listening to music, a good option would be to add a speaker system into the cave that offers surround sound.

4. Stock Up on Snacks  

Man caves aren’t just for entertainment. Your dad might want to go there to relax after spending a day at work or to work on a new project. In any case, it’s likely he will reach for snacks while he’s in there. Before the big reveal on Father’s Day, stock a mini-fridge and small cupboard with a mix of classic snacks, cheese and nutritious foods. Don’t forget to store these snacks close to the sofa so Dad never needs to travel far to find what he's looking for.

5. Create a Drink Bar

It’s not just snacks you need to keep the cave stocked with, but drinks, too. You could start with a bottle of Scotch, rum or Bourbon to keep it simple. Or, leave some craft beers in the mini-fridge along with his snacks. If your dad is more of a drink connoisseur, fashion a small drink bar from a simple bar cart, which you can find in most housewares stores. Then, fill it with an array of luxury spirits and mixers.

This is also the perfect opportunity to add a heartfelt touch to your gift by purchasing some personalized tumbler glasses. Place these on a tray next to the whiskey bottle, or present them in a gift box in the days leading up to Father’s Day.

6. Make It Sporty

Man caves are usually used for one thing: watching sports. Whether it’s with friends or on his own, your dad will need some sports memorabilia in his man cave to set the mood. This may be his favorite football jersey framed and hung on the wall or his own dartboard. Some man caves even have their own pool tables, which is a great option if you have both the money and the space to invest in this project.

This is also where the television is important, as a large screen is ideal for watching every kind of sport  with or without friends. Invest in a projector or make sure you search for the right television before investing, as you’ll want your dad to enjoy his man cave for many years to come.

7. Add Some Personal Touches

It’s true that man caves are the best place for fathers to relax, but that doesn’t mean it should be devoid of personal touches. Just like inside your home, you’ll want to add some family pictures and souvenirs of trips your family has been on together. Things like yearbooks and childhood trinkets can also find a new home in this man cave.

For those dads who love to read, this is also a great time to bring together all his favorite books in one place. Try following a tutorial to make your own bookcase to store these books on, which will add another personal element to the space. You may even choose to go one step further and turn this man cave into a study, where Dad can come for work, rest and play.

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Elisa Schmitz
These are awesome suggestions! I'm seriously going to take these ideas and make a man cave for my husband. He will love it, thank you!
Julie Rose
My dad needs one of these! ❤️
Tech, snacks, drinks and sports? I call that paradise for the guys in my life, haha! Awesome ideas here.
Mely Ortega
Wow very interesting :D
This is a genius idea. 🙌
We need one of these at our house!
Donna John
Don't wait for Father's Day! What a fun project kids can do with their dad anytime, and especially now being home so much because of covid.

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