Building Healthy Habits in Kids: 4 Ways to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle in Children Now That May Last a Lifetime by KLA Schools of Plainfield

2 years ago
Building Healthy Habits in Kids: 4 Ways to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle in Children Now That May Last a Lifetime

Healthy habits, as with many habits, develop early in life. The earlier you establish healthy habits in your children, the more likely they will carry them on throughout their life. Healthy living is not just about physical, but also mental and emotional well-being. You can encourage healthier habits by:

  •  Avoid forcing your child to continue eating. When a child is full, don’t force them to keep eating just to finish their plate. Encourage them to take smaller portions next time.
  • Visiting the pediatrician annually. The more exposure a child has to a doctor who is positive, upbeat and diligent, the more comfortable they will be as adults when they need a physician.
  • Encourage problem-solving. Whenever your child is facing a challenge  physical or mental  encourage him or her to solve the problem on their own first. Offer guidance along the way, but let them lead.
  • Be a welcoming presence. Let your child know they can talk to you about anything, at any time.

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