Increasing Self-Esteem in Kids: 3 Ways Parents Can Help Give Their Child's Self-Esteem a Boost by KLA Schools of Plainfield

2 years ago

Increasing Self-Esteem in Kids: 3 Ways Parents Can Help Give Their Child's Self-Esteem a Boost

A child's self-esteem can be impacted in many ways. Far too often a kid’s self-esteem takes a negative hit for things that could have been done a little bit differently. When you help your child in a positive way, it allows them to build up a positive and strong self-image, which directly impacts self-esteem. Here are some ideas to boost your children's self-esteem:

  • Encourage self-reliance. There are certainly going to be times when your child needs help, but when you know they’re safe and can do something on their own, encourage them to do so.
  • Reward effort, not results. It’s OK if your child doesn’t succeed in a particular task – encourage the effort. Be specific in your encouragement and don’t simply tell your child they’re the best because they tried. 
  • Avoid praising too much. Yes, you want your child to believe they can do anything, but offering praise for every single action can actually backfire.

How do you build your child's self-esteem? Tell us below.

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Elisa Schmitz
Building self-esteem is a very tricky thing. Thank you for these excellent insights, KLA Schools of Plainfield !

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