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3 years ago

Top Gifts for Kids: ​5 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Child's Special Day That Aren't Just Toys

Mom and dad, are mountains of toys piling up in your house? Maybe your garage or storage unit is currently overflowing with toys that your kid hasn't played with in years? If you're nodding your head, don't worry, parents, you're not alone. The toy market in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry, with retail sales of toys and games exceeding $20 billion. Not surprisingly, more and more of those toys are being bought online. That's a lot of toys!

If you're one of the parents struggling with too many toys in their house, you can make a dent in that stockpile of toys by donating some to Goodwill. But, unless you curb those toy purchases, you may never be without clutter. You don't need to stop buying toys, but a smart few purchases now may save you over time.

Here are five ideas for gifts to keep your child engaged without going overboard:

1. Superhero Memorabilia

If your child is into superheroes, consider giving them something hero related. Buying your kid comic books is a simple way to get them interested in reading. You can also take them to see a superhero movie for their birthday as their gift.

There are plenty of Spider-man toys out there if you'd still prefer to give your child a toy. Other superheroes like Iron Man, Batman and Wonder Woman have extensive merchandise collections as well.

2. Tickets to Events

Does your child have a favorite band or singer? What are they listening to when it comes to music? If you know, you can start your search for tickets. If you don't know, ask them. You can be subtle about it or not, depending on if you want the concert to be a surprise.

Maybe your kid loves art, dinosaurs or animals? If so, check out museums in the area and consider surprising your child with a ticket. The event will give them something to look forward to, and also might make them feel more grown up.

3. Magazine Subscriptions

These days, you can order a magazine covering any topic. If your kid is passionate about nature, you can order them an animal publication. Maybe your kid loves cars? There are plenty of magazines to stimulate their interest.

The subscription will give your child something to look forward to every month as well as engage them with new educational material. Just make sure to choose a magazine that is high on content and low on fluff.

4. Classes

If your child is good at something, foster their interest. Whether it's dance, art or athletics, you can probably find a class for them to participate in. Giving your child lessons to improve their passions is a gift idea that enhances their skills.

Book the classes in advance so your child has something to look forward to, and so you don't promise something that ends up not working out later.

5. One-on-One Outings

Spending intentional time together with your family is an incredible way to celebrate a child's birthday. Sit down with your kid a couple of weeks before the day of their birthday to start planning. Ask them what they want to do, but be realistic about the budget. If you involve your child in the creation of the plan, they may be more excited when the day comes around.

No matter what gift you decide to give your child, make sure it's something that they will enjoy. Toys aren't the only thing that you can buy your kid for their birthday, so get creative!

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Elisa Schmitz
I love these creative ideas. Thinking outside of the box really helps create memories. And after all, that's what we parents strive to do - make happy memories for our kids, especially on their birthdays! :-)
What a good idea to take kids out for an outing or get them something more meaningful like memorabilia. Food for thought!
Mike Prochaska
We don’t give toys we give trips or adventure. Toys just junk that gets broke
Gwen Johnson
Love the idea of a class! I've give adults classes, like Painting with a Twist, but never thought to give it to a child.

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