Free Kids Educational Content: Smithsonian Channel Free Streaming Shows to Help Parents With Homeschooling by 30Seconds Mom

Free Kids Educational Content: Smithsonian Channel Free Streaming Shows to Help Parents With Homeschooling

We can all agree that it's challenging trying to navigate working from home while taking on the added role of homeschooling kids. When screen time can get tempting, Smithsonian Channel has a way to keep it educational and informative while giving you a little break!

Their streaming service, Smithsonian Channel Plus, is now offering a variety of content for FREE without a trial or subscription, which can help with some great at-home learning. Get access to hundreds of other original series and documentaries as well, through a free trial to try before purchase.

  • Aerial America: Take off on a thrilling flight across America. This epic series offers rare glimpses of our nation's most treasured landmarks, all seen from breathtaking heights. From busy cityscapes to quiet landscapes, we capture the history and the pageantry of our amazing country, which is as diverse as the people who occupy it. (Free Series)
  • The Day We Walked on the Moon: On July 16, 1969, hundreds of thousands of spectators and an army of reporters gathered at Cape Kennedy to witness one of the great spectacles of the century: the launch of Apollo 11. Over the next few days, the world watched on with wonder and rapture as humankind prepared for its "one giant leap" onto the moon – and into history. Witness this incredible day, presented through stunning, remastered footage and interviews that takes you behind-the-scenes and inside the spacecraft, Mission Control and the homes of the astronaut's families. (Free Series)
  • Orangutan Jungle School: At the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, the challenges come often and fast, from teaching the orphaned orangutans essential life skills to ensuring the more rambunctious members of the class don't cause too much mayhem. There are fruit kebabs as treats, baby orangutans in diapers and many other delightful moments. But the future these orphans face is far from certain, as they work to overcome traumatic pasts, learn the skills they need to survive, and progress toward a carefully planned release back into the wild. (First Four Episodes for Free)
  • The Pacific War in Color: The Pacific War was unlike any military conflict before it in terms of its scale, scope and savagery. Witness the massive attacks on Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima and Nagasaki that bookended the war, along with the ferocious battles in between – ones waged on tiny islands and remote atolls and fought by soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors. With color combat footage and accounts from those who experienced the fight firsthand, we reveal the brutal reality of life on the frontline during the battle for the Pacific. (One Free Episode)

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How wonderful. 💗
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is fantastic! I love the Smithsonian. How awesome that they're making these great resources available to families!
Melanie Barkley
Very nice article! I try it with my kids))
Thank you so much for the information. For a long time I was looking for such a technique for my son.

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