The Truth About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer: I Love My Job, But... by Dawn Taylor

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4 years ago

The Truth About Being a Personal Fitness Trainer: I Love My Job, But...

I really, really love my job as a personal trainer. I get to help others work toward their fitness goals, but here are some things that are everyday truths for me.

My everyday "look" consists of a ponytail and/or headbandDry shampoo is the only thing I need to get through a day, and maybe deodorant. Maybe. I am one of those people who sweats, but doesn't smell bad. At least I hope so for the sake of my clients.

I live in sweatsworkout shorts and tank tops. While this is mostly awesome, when I do clean up and wear normal clothes, people don't recognize me. Positive side of this? I can go anywhere and no one talks to me.

From the last point, talking to people all day most days is hard. Especially if I am tired and cranky. Putting my game face on requires work sometimes. Just like showing up is hard for clients, the same holds true for me and I have to be the motivator. YOU GOT THIS!! This motivates clients, but it is also sometimes my self-talk!

When you work at a gym, it is almost impossible to get your own workout in without someone asking you fitness-related questions. So, I hide. I go into private rooms to get workouts done, plug my ears with ear buds and reconnect with ME. Alone. Blissful. And sometimes lonely, but necessary.

Everyone expects free fitness advice, and while I don't mind giving it at times, especially to those who come to my fitness classes, etc., I am trying to make a living. I know exactly how the shoe cobbler ends up without his own shoes. Well, I need shoes, but you get the point.

Showering is not a luxury, it is a necessity and it only takes five to six minutes max. Lucky for me, I can shower at work, between classes and clients. Luckier for them, really.

Again, I love my job, but I wish more days I could wash and dry my hair, wear regular clothes a little more often and take a long, relaxing shower.

Now, back to work. I'VE GOT THIS!!

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Haha, great behind the scenes info!
Dawn Taylor
Cassiday glad I could give you an insider view :)
Elisa Schmitz
Not sure why people expect free advice from trainers, kind of like free makeovers from professional makeup artists (like my daughter). Not cool, people. We all have to get paid for our expertise! Thanks for sharing this perspective, Dawn Taylor !
Dawn Taylor
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds sometimes I get caught up in answering because I love helping others, then I say 'darn, I just gave away my secrets for free' lol
Gwen Johnson
How long have you been a personal trainer, Dawn Taylor ?
Dawn Taylor
Gwen Johnson Just over two years, a lover of fitness my whole life :)
Being a personal fitness trainer has its ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else! 💪 Visit: SilaFit

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