No Clue, Flu: A Fun Poem That's the Only Reason to Smile About Cold & Flu Season by Marge Jesberger

3 years ago

No Clue, Flu: A Fun Poem That's the Only Reason to Smile About Cold & Flu Season

No Clue, Flu

I never get sick, it is mind over matter
Of that I am a true believer,
So why is it that the blankets are on
And I’m down with a cold and a fever?

My pjs are wrinkled
My hair is a mess.
I’ve never been under
This much stress.

I have a headache and feeling faint
but that is not my only complaint.
My symptoms are getting so much worse
It’s time to call my friend, the nurse.

I’m miserable and sleepless
These aren’t my only issues.
I just reached for the box
And now I’m out of tissues.

OK, I’ll go to the clinic and they’ll prescribe a pill,
But I’ll feel a whole lot sicker, once I pay the bill!

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So sorry you’re sick! This is a great way to feel better, very creative! 😀
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Your poems are so fun, Marge Jesberger . Hope you're feeling better. Thank you for sharing!

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