Celebrating Uniqueness in Kids: How Parents Can Show Love Equally to Each Very Different Child by Jennifer Lynch

3 years ago

Celebrating Uniqueness in Kids: How Parents Can Show Love Equally to Each Very Different Child

Children need love and attention from their parents, but having two or more children can pose a challenge for moms and dads to spread the warmth evenly. Sometimes this imbalance occurs when siblings are sharply different in terms of talents and personality. Giving children equal attentiveness is important to their happiness and starts with parents appreciating their uniqueness.

Children are unique, unknown little people waiting to be revealed. Parents need to ask themselves, "How can I embrace these differences and make each child feel and recognize their beautiful uniqueness?" Let the mystery of who they are and who they are meant to be unfold in their own authentic way, however awesome or peculiar it is. Everyone is different and it’s important to make every child feel special, important and loved.

Here are tips to help parents balance their attention on multiple children who have different interests, personalities and talents:

  • Give them quality one-on-one time. Consistently taking time to give your children one-on-one time shows them you care and that they are important. This means no phones, no distractions and being 100 percent present with your child. Make eye contact, ask questions, and just listen and let them lead at whatever activity or interaction is taking place. This makes them feel safe, in control and loved.
  • Celebrate their uniqueness. An imbalance in parental attention can lead to siblings comparing themselves – never a good idea because that can create jealousy and low self-esteem, thus accentuating a sibling rivalry. At the same time, children may think the parent is showing favoritism. Susie may be faster than Johnny, but Johnny may be a brilliant chess player. So when they begin to compare themselves with their siblings, take that conversation and turn it into how great it is that they each have a place that shines. And bring in more examples of how their differences are beautiful and important. Set up scenarios showing examples of how those differences are good.
  • Show your love for them. You obviously love your children, so don’t be afraid to show it. Give them that authentic shout-out or the gentle, grace-filled redirection and encouragement when they need to try again at something, whether it’s poor behavior or just losing a game. Leave the shame out of it.
  • Validate them but be authentic. When it comes to praise, quality is much more important than quantity. Children can recognize a fake compliment a mile away. They know if you’ve really seen them or not. They know if it’s from the heart or just surface praise.

In these ways, showing appreciation for who each of them are will help your children develop confidence in themselves. They will take your lead and begin to find other amazing things about themselves and their friends. Making each of your very different children feel truly loved and valued will help them grow up to be happy and responsible adults.

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This is beautiful. 💗
Elisa Schmitz
As a mom of three and stepmom of four, I couldn't agree with this any more, Jennifer Lynch . Kids need one-on-one time and they need to know they are valued for their uniqueness. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!
Jennifer Lynch
I admire you immensely! That’s a lot of children and a lot of emotions and personality to love on! You must be a wonder woman!
Elisa Schmitz
Haha, not at all. Just trying my best, as we all do. But thank you for the kind words, and for the inspiration, Jennifer Lynch ! :-)

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