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2 years ago

Host a Pumpkin Spice Party: How to Take This Fall Flavor to a New Level

Americans are obsessed with pumpkin spice. We start craving it at the first hint of fall. While the kiddos may have their favorite pumpkin treats, today there are even better ways for adults to satisfy our urge for all things pumpkin. And with so many parties and holiday gatherings, this is our chance to get creative with everything from our décor to our food presentations. 

Here’s how to host the best pumpkin spice party ever:

  • Set the right atmosphere with a scent that reminds guests of one of their favorite fall flavors. A cozy fire becomes a conversation piece when you use cinnamon-scented fire logs or fire starters.
  • Show off your playful side by adding pumpkin liqueur to your coffee and garnishing with mini marshmallows. Or, go elegant by topping each cup with freshly shaved nutmeg.
  • Use clear glassware instead of plastic for your pumpkin spice cocktails. Not only does it feel better in your hand, but clear glass shows off that beautiful orange color.
  • Many pumpkin spice drink recipes are served over ice. Be particular about storing your ice away from other items in your freezer. Ice tends to pick up scents and tastes from other foods. Pumpkin spice pairs well with a lot of things, but an ice cube that has a hint of last week’s meatloaf? Not so much.
  • Craft beer enthusiasts look forward to each year’s autumn or harvest brews. This year, try something fun and flavorful when serving a selection of seasonal beers.

Here’s how to be the best pumpkin spice guest ever:

Let others bring the wine or casseroles. Volunteer to bring something unique and decadent. You’re sure to be invited back! The endless possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG, yes please! What fun and deliciousness await this fall!
I’m so ready for this! 🍁🍂
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