Raising Happy Kids: How to Tap Into Your PGS (Parental Guidance System) by Roma Khetarpal

2 years ago

Raising Happy Kids: How to Tap Into Your PGS (Parental Guidance System)

You know that the addition of our first child brings the title of “parent,” but did you know that this title is accompanied by a natural installation of a PGS – Parental Guidance System? I believe our PGS is like a car GPS. If used to our advantage, it helps take the edge off; it helps us be more confident about the journey and less anxious about finding the destination. Our PGS can guide us to be happy relaxed parents and to raise kids to be happy, think positive and do good! 

What Exactly Is a Parental Guidance System?

PGS is our conscious parenting guidance and communication system – our innate ability to protect, direct and connect with our children by being aware of how we speak and behave with our kids, and how that affects our kids and our relationship with them.

Why Is It Important to Activate Our PGS?

By activating and keeping our PGS active, we can build lasting communication habits and trust with our kids, be happy relaxed parents and raise kids to be happy, think positive and do good.

How Can We Activate Our PGS?

That is what Tools of Growth is here for! Our TOGs (Tools of Growth) will help you activate and keep your PGS active:

  • By honoring and understanding your own parenting personality or style of teaching your kids.
  • By honoring and understanding your child’s personality and their style of learning.
  • By honoring and understanding the different growth phases that both go through so that you can learn and grow together.

Learn more at ToolsOfGrowth.com.

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love "PGS," Roma Khetarpal . So true and so important to hone it and heed it. Thank you for this great perspective! Tools Of Growth
This is wonderful. 💗

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