Lost & Found Pets: ​6 Ways to Help Dogs & Cats Displaced By the Hurricane Into Shelters by Jeffrey Franklin

a year ago
Lost & Found Pets: ​6 Ways to Help Dogs & Cats Displaced By the Hurricane Into Shelters

Animal lovers never want their pets to be displaced by storms, such as the recent hurricanes and floods. But sometimes these situations come into play and this is when the helping hands of strangers around our nation is so important. Here are six things that can be done by anyone to help animals in need at shelters:

  • Call your local animal shelter (a quick search on Google or your Apple Maps will show you locations) and ask them what they are specifically in need of. Pick up these items and deliver them.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter. This will put extra hands "on deck" post storm. This is often times when shelters can be shorthanded as areas that have been hit are often vacated, but if the area is safe enough to access, then offer up a few hours or more (if possible) of your free time to assist shelters however they may need. People often forget that animals require round the clock care, especially those pets that may be injured, ill, very young or elderly.
  • Raise money for these places by asking friends and family who are also animal advocates, pet owners and looking to do good. The amount of pet suppliesdog food and cat food, and resources necessary to care for animals is much higher than one would assume.
  • For those shelters that are overcrowded, offer to become a foster if this is an allowable option. Giving an animal a safe space to stay until they can be reunited with their owners is always a much more comfortable option.
  • Help shorten the duration of an animal and owner being separated from one another. You can do this by visiting your local shelter and taking photos of the pets displaced there. You can post these photos to local social media sites online.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
In all the chaos the hurricanes cause, pets may get lost in the shuffle. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips, Jeffrey Franklin !

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