Sneakers 4 Seekers: How You Can Help the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Get Asylum Seekers New Footwear by Tiffany Zook

Sneakers 4 Seekers: How You Can Help the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Get Asylum Seekers New Footwear

Migration to the southern border is still in full swing. Family units continue to arrive from South and Central America, Africa, Cuba and Haiti. After being released from federal custody, families are brought to the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition, one of several transition centers along the southwest Texas border.

VVBHC is a nonprofit that currently relies entirely on volunteers and donations to meet asylum seekers’ short-term needs. Upon arrival to the transition center, volunteers provide each family with welcome bags and backpacks filled with hygiene items, snacks, water bottles, notebooks, pens, as well as coloring books, crayons and small toys for children. Infant and toddler-care supplies, meals, clothing, shoes, access to phones, computers, shower trailer, emotional and spiritual support are also provided to families during their time at the center. The coalition connects families to transportation companies as they begin their journey across the U.S. to unite with their sponsors.

VVBHC is equipped with a children’s playroom, tricycles, strollers, pack-n-plays, car seats, soccer balls and an air-conditioned waiting area so families can play, rest and carea for one another as they wait for their departure.

The most pressing daily needs are outfitting each person with a new pair of new or nearly new sneakers or shoes. The sneakers they have are worn and wet, traveling hundreds of miles over a period of weeks, and even months. The coalition has a new campaign called Sneakers 4 Seekers, in an effort to have each man, woman and child leave with fresh sneakers on their feet. VVBHC honors each person’s dignity while working to transition families safely in order to avoid homelessness, trafficking and other traumas.

Would you consider purchasing sneakers today to make this vision a reality? In an effort to help you shop, we have created several wish lists, but feel free to ship from anywhere, anytime!

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Tiffany Zook
One of our sweet volunteers fitting a pair of new sneakers.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is absolutely amazing, Tiffany Zook . You have the biggest heart. What a wonderful thing to do - so simple yet makes such a difference, thank you!
Mike Prochaska
This is awesome! Breaks my heart

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