23 Garden & Plant-care Products All Homeowners Need (and Some to Add to Your Wish List!) by 30Seconds Mom

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6 months ago
23 Garden & Plant-care Products All Homeowners Need (and Some to Add to Your Wish List!)

Yearn for that "Yard of the Month" sign? Beautiful plants and shrubs are the cherries on the top of that beautiful lawn. To accomplish your gardening goals, you need the right garden tools, plant-care products and accessories. Here's a list of best-selling garden essentials – and a few you don't really need, but it would be totally awesome to have!

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Donna John
Just ordered my Miracle Grow, and I think I need that potting work station. :) Great list!!!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, I love this. My dad is an avid gardener. In fact, his garden was featured on the Garden Walk of his town last year! I need to get him a few of these things - that work station is amazing, and the pergola would be lovely on his deck!!

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