30Seconds Help the Teachers & Students School Supplies Drive: 25 Inexpensive Ways to Make a Difference by Donna John

30Seconds Help the Teachers & Students School Supplies Drive: 25 Inexpensive Ways to Make a Difference

Can you believe it's almost back-to-school time? Unfortunately, many students go to school without the required supplies and most teachers have to spend money out of their own pockets for supplies throughout the school year. (Read If Nurses Don't Buy Medical Supplies, Why Should Teachers Buy School Supplies by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead.) Both are unacceptable and we know the 30Seconds community can help. 

To help get school supplies into the hands of kids and teachers, we encourage you to start adding a school supply on to your regular Amazon order (or do a one-time school supply shopping spree!). Collect those supplies throughout the summer and then donate them to the teacher or school of your choice. Share your progress in the comments section below by snapping photos of your growing school supply collection and also of all the smiles (with face masks, of course!) when your donation is delivered. 

Together, we can make a difference for students and teachers. Here's a list of popular school supplies to make shopping that much easier. (And if you shop using the links below, you'll help 30Seconds grow as well!)

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Markers $3 & Up
Pencils $2 & Up
Glue Sticks $2 & Up
Rulers $1 & Up
Pens $3 & Up
Binders $3 & Up
Folders $2 & Up
Index Cards $2 & Up
Erasers $3 & Up
Colored Pencils $2 & Up
Scissors $1 & Up
Pencil Bags $2 & Up
Hand Sanitizer $3 & Up
Crayons $1 & Up
Protractors $3 & Up
Red Pens $2 & Up
Correction Tape $4 & Up
Backpacks $10 & Up

If Nurses Don’t Buy Medical Supplies, Why Should Teachers Buy School Supplies?

World Teacher Day: Our Kids' Teachers Need & Deserve Our Support (5 of Many Reasons Why!)

Love this. Teachers rock! 🙌
Elisa Schmitz
Can't believe it's already back-to-school time. Teachers are the real MVPs and we have to help them out! Love these ideas, thanks.
You know I love this!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Donna John This is such an amazing and very appreciated tip. Working in the schools I know how much this means to students and teachers. I know how much money I spend on stickers and prizes for my speech and language students every year. It is a bit crazy, but I do it for the children and their happy faces when it's a prize day for them working hard on their goals. Thanks a bunch!!

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