Change Can Be Good: Single Mom Going From Part Time to Full Time (and Terrified!) by Jessica Lawrence

Change Can Be Good: Single Mom Going From Part Time to Full Time (and Terrified!)

Before I was able to get pregnant, I switched jobs. In my new job, I was doing marketing and I worked part time. That was a great decision in my eyes – I could have the best of both worlds during my pregnancy.

After Gabby arrived, there were plenty of days where I thought, "How can I possibly go back to work!?" And even more days (thanks to sleepless nights) where I thought, "How do people do this!?" So, thankfully, I remained part time for the next eight years. That trend ends very soon.

I've accepted a full-time job, which is huge. I'm excited, scared, worried, anxious and psyched, all rolled into one 35-year-old body.

For one thing, fiscally this is a smart move. The flip side of the coin is the time I've been able to spend with my daughter will certainly change. The household tasks I once was able to do before she got home from school or on Fridays will now need to be done when she's here. The juggling will become more intense. Instead of having three lemons, I'll have four – or more.

I'm lucky that I've been able to pull part time off for as long as I have, and I am truly sad to see that part of my life change. But I've come to realize that change can be good. Change always happens. It's time to take on new roles, new challenges and show my daughter that we can make it work together, no matter the challenges we face.

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Elisa Schmitz
Gabby is SO cute, Jessica Lawrence ! I just love the photos you share. And you are right - the only thing constant is change. Kids who learn to roll with the punches end up being more resilient, stronger people. That says so much about you and Gabby!

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