Organized Mom: Here's Why in a Digital Age I've Gone Back to Writing Things Down (Don't Laugh!) by Holly Budde

Organized Mom: Here's Why in a Digital Age I've Gone Back to Writing Things Down (Don't Laugh!)

You may laugh at this, but hear me out! I’m all about tech and smart gadgets. I like to think the apps I use for work and home are helping, but I want to share with you something I’ve learned: even the smartest of working parents need a road map. And that’s why I have gone back to a written day planner.

Sure, alerts are awesome reminders, but for me it wasn’t working alone. So, I went a little “old school“ and started to write it all down again and carry it with me. I honestly use both, written and digital. Writing things down, seeing the week in advance on paper and all in the same place as my “to-dos” and “to accomplish” has settled me down.

I’m a visual person, so opening a page that I can see a week or month in plain sight has become the answer to my prayers. My girls, my office, home and extracurricular activities for all of us was a whole lot to remember for one person. If you add in what the kids forget to mention, it’s easy to see why my brain was in overload.

I’ve found by writing it down, I get it out of my head. A “download the brain” to clear space for other ideas and to-dos. I’m less anxious and more productive. I’ve even gotten the kids involved. Every Sunday evening they are to tell me:

  • what they need
  • where they have to be
  • what is due 
  • any plans they’ve made with friends 
  • extracurricular activities

I know my work and their schedule could change, and that’s OK. The road map is there to adjust. It’s been productive and less stressful for me. I’m not suggesting give up digital alarms. I’m suggesting adding to their value by being prepared.

As I was once taught: "Prepare to be prepared!" Try it! A purchased day planner, journal or one you create yourself could save you some heartache.

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Holly Budde ! I am not laughing at you because I'm right there with you. While my phone's calendar app is very helpful, I find it really important to also write things down. There's something about the process of writing that helps so much. I think we swung so far to the tech side, that we are now having to swing back a bit to traditional methods to help get back in balance!
Right there with you
Dawn Taylor
I am right there with you, I cannot use technology for some things- I have lists all over!!

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