Make It Happen: You're Always Two Years Away From a New Life by Jessica Lawrence

Single Moms
5 years ago

Make It Happen: You're Always Two Years Away From a New Life

This morning, as I often do, I looked at my Facebook memories. (Yes, I still am annoyed by social media, yet I'm not ready to quit it just yet!) I saw a picture of my daughter, Gabby, and I from a gorgeous day in 2014. We were laying on our driveway together at our old house in Syracuse because it was above 40 degrees – a welcome break from the frigid New York winter. And then, another memory of Gabby at a figure skating competition with friends in Syracuse from two years ago. Two years? Four years? It seems like ages ago.

Two years ago, I can remember still being in the middle of court battles. I was officially divorced, but I was trying to move out of the county, two and a half hours away back to my hometown. My ex-husband was obviously contesting it. I can remember thinking back then, "Life would be so much easier if I could buy a house and move to my parents." It seemed so daunting. In and out of the courthouse, constantly at my lawyer's office to sign or draft motions, always on the move and living in a townhouse that I didn't love.

Now, I am exactly where I hoped to be at that time. 

You're never too old, or young, to hope for something better – and make it happen.

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Mike Prochaska
I love fb memorizes reminds u how fast time goes
Elisa Schmitz
"You're never to old, or young, to hope for something better – and make it happen." YES! Preach, Jessica Lawrence . So happy you got to where you want to be.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I needed to read this today. Thanks, Jessica Lawrence ! You bring so much to our community!
I love hearing the happy endings!

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