Selling Things Online: How to Painlessly Part With Your Possessions in Online Auctions by Marge Jesberger

2 years ago
Selling Things Online: How to Painlessly Part With Your Possessions in Online Auctions

Some of the things I have purchased have lost their usefulness. So, I sold my unwanted items to people who would appreciate them. You can become your own auctioneer on one of the many websites that sell things for you. Here are a few things I've learned along the way:

  • Start by selling something you won’t miss. This gives you a chance to see what sells and what doesn't. Something you think is desirable might get no bids, while something that you deem worthless might prove priceless.
  • Set a limit. Determine the lowest price you will accept, then if no one meets your price, you can still keep it.
  • Be flexible. If something doesn't sell in one category, try another. I listed a stack of souvenir cards from Yosemite. I put them in “State Parks – Historical.” When they didn't get bids, I listed them under "Photography." They sold!
  • Practically anything sells. This includes an empty cardboard box that once held beatnik stationary, a nut grinder and old board game.
  • Learn geography. I put up a large USA map over a cork board and then tracked my buyers with colored pins and learned a lot about America's cities and states.

At first I had trouble parting with stuff, but I now know they are in good hands.

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Donna John
Can you tell us some of your favorite online auction sites, Marge Jesberger ?
Marge Jesberger
I have to admit, I have always used E-bay, but I know there are lots of new sites to choose from.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Always been curious how this works but never tried it. Thanks for your tips, Marge Jesberger !

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