Has Ghosting in Relationships Been Around Forever? Either Way, It Still Hurts by Jessica Lawrence

4 years ago

Has Ghosting in Relationships Been Around Forever? Either Way, It Still Hurts

I work for a local media organization that is quite recognized both regionally and nationally. Our "founding mothers" are all retiring (or already have) this year. So you can imagine it's quite a shift in times. 

Recently, some of us on staff (who are "less seasoned," if you will) were using slang around some of our more senior staff. Because of this, we decided to create a spreadsheet of newer words or phrases. One of said words was “ghosting.” One quick Google search and I produced an article about "ghosting and blocking," which I sent to one of my co-workers.

After my co-worker read it, she pointed out to me that ghosting has been around for so long, it just might not have been as harsh or drastic as it is now. The reality is that we've always been hurt when we've been at the end of a relationship. 

I always want a semblance of closure or reasoning as to why it didn't work. It's very hard for me to accept I won't always get that. It hurts to know that being phased out is now a norm vs. openly communicating that things aren't working, or the end is eminent.

So the lesson? Whether you're 18, 35 or 63, please don't ghost. Or, ghost and block.

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Mike Prochaska
Who you going call? Ghostbusters!
Elisa Schmitz
Ghosting is getting a lot of exposure these days - both in personal relationships and business relationships. I have heard about candidates for jobs accepting positions and then literally not show up ... ever! Hasn't happened to me, but seriously, that is baffling. Maybe now that people are being called out on it, they will stop doing it??? We can hope. Thanks for the great post, Jessica Lawrence !

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