Future CEO: My Daughter Got In Trouble at School (Why I Was Proud of Her) by Dawn Taylor

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5 years ago

Future CEO: My Daughter Got In Trouble at School (Why I Was Proud of Her)

Fifth grade recess in the bitter North Country cold. Snow banks all around making it a wintry playland. My daughter saw it as a business opportunity. 

Peyton came home saying she needed to make some tickets for school. I figured she had a classroom project and she was doing what she was told. She sat and made about 50 tickets and cut them out, leaving those annoying little strips of paper everywhere, but I was OK with that. She was independently doing homework and I was not one to micromanage my kids schoolwork.

Little did I know this one needed no micromanaging. 

Skip ahead a few days when I got an email from the principal saying that Peyton, and a friend she had recruited, had started a business venture called Fannie's Fun House. And, many kids were being excluded because they didn't have tickets for the winter playland. Yes, the tickets she made. No money exchanged hands, but you had to have a ticket, provided by Peyton or her business partner, to participate. 

I read the email, smiling the whole time. I read things like, tickets were handed out, some kids were not allowed access, etc. I knew I'd have to tell her why it was shut down. 

I also told her how proud I was.

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Donna John
Go, Peyton!! Girls making stuff happen. Love your stories, Dawn Taylor !
Elisa Schmitz
I just love this, Dawn Taylor . We need more strong girls who turn into brilliant leaders. Go, Peyton!
Donna John
Great story to share on #InternationalWomensDay! #IWD2019 Dawn Taylor

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