Making New Friends: Why Navigating Through Friendships As a Single Mom Is Hard by Jessica Lawrence

Making New Friends: Why Navigating Through Friendships As a Single Mom Is Hard

I recently talked about how I am failing to be that mom that does it all. Most everything I do is for my daughter, Gabriella. I remember dreaming of living next to my college roommate when we were older and raising our kids together. How blissful that would be! How ideal – we could remain best friends and have our kids be best friends, too! Sadly, that didn't happen the way we planned.

Fast forward 15 years. Finding friends as an adult is hard! I suppose it doesn't help that I had an amazing group of friends in the small city I lived in before moving back to my hometown. I find that when I start to trust someone, or think of them as a friend now, I hear they are speaking ill of me behind my back or are just plain fake. I can't decide which is worse, honestly.

I still feel as if I am the only single parent in this town. That I am destined to not have a close friend here. I often rely on driving to Syracuse or hopping a plane to Boston, Washington, D.C., or Chicago to see my close friends.

Who would think it is so hard to make friends as an outgoing adult?!

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Julie Rose
Totally relate to this
Dawn Taylor
That’s not a single mom thing it’s a small town thing sadly, but there are nice people around just don’t limit yourself to other moms. Some of my best friends don’t have kids. Now dating, that’s a whole other can of worms. 🤣
Elisa Schmitz
It is definitely a challenge. I think so many of us can relate to this!

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