The Power of Gemstones: How One Night at the Gift Shop Connected Me Even More Deeply to My Daughters by Elisa Schmitz

4 years ago

Inspiration and healing often come when you least expect them, and yet when you need them the most. This year is off to a bumpy start (I know many of you can relate). That’s why I was so happy to have a chance to spend a few uninterrupted hours connecting with my identical twin daughters, who are at different colleges. When one of us is struggling, the other two are there for her.

After a very deep conversation about spirituality, darkness vs. light and positive vs. negative energy, we found ourselves in one of my daughter's favorite places; a unique shop that specializes in gemstones and other spiritual gifts. We struck up a conversation with the store manager, a lovely young woman who is wise beyond her years. Somehow she knew that we needed her guidance, and slowly, the other people in the shop left and it was just us. What started out as a quick visit to a gift shop turned into an evening of spiritual cleansing and enlightenment that left us even more deeply connected.

After listening to my daughters share their stories and feelings, this young woman gave us insights into gemstones and why they can be helpful during stressful times (and all the time). Like everything else on earth, gemstones are made up of energy. They are molecular structures that emit their own unique energy and vibration. As I understand it, these unique vibrations interact with each person’s own unique energy, affecting our physical and emotional health and well-being. 

Here is just some of what we learned as we chose our stones and opened our hearts:

  • Each of us got a long piece of selenite: Selenite is a white stone that is considered a “master mineral,” one of the few that does not need to be “charged.” In fact, it acts as a “charging station” for other stones. Selenite can be used to bring about healing and inner peace.
  • Each of us got a shungite bracelet: Shungite is known as the “stone of life,” as it is said to have anti-bacterial and purifying properties. This radiant black stone is made up of fullerenes, antioxidants that work against free radicals that can lead to negative health consequences. Shungite is said to absorb negative energy while promoting good health and positive energy.
  • Each of us now has a moonstone ring (my daughters already each had one and chose one for me): Moonstone is linked to the divine and is considered sacred. The luminous moonstone glows blue from within, literally channeling the moon, and helps promote balance and wellness through deep feminine energy. Wearing moonstone is said to enhance intuition and increase well-being.
  • One of us got a rose quartz: Rose quartz is connected to the heart and unconditional love. Centered on the heart chakra, this lovely pink stone promotes physical and emotional healing.
  • One of us got an amethyst: Amethyst is connected to manifestation; literally bringing your dreams to life. It is said that sleeping with one under your pillow will help you sleep better, and wake ready to make things happen. This beautiful purple stone has dramatic physical healing properties, too.
  • One of us got a labradorite: Labradorite is a stunning stone that is almost magical in nature. Shimmering blue, green and even violet, this stone is connected to creativity and self-exploration.
  • One of us got a cat’s eye: Cat’s eye gemstones are not only striking in their appearance (they literally look like a cat’s eye), but also in their energy. Cat’s eye is connected to warding off danger and also attracting prosperity.
  • One of us got a black tourmaline: Black tourmaline is connected to protection and blocking negative energy. This stunning black stone not only removes negativity, but also promotes balance and harmony.
  • Each of us was cleansed through “smudging,” an ancient spiritual ritual of burning white sage: While there are various cultures that this process is drawn from and different reasons for doing it (for physical and emotional health), the purpose as it was intended that night was for cleansing negative energy (from traumatic experiences or even negative people in your life). Each of our new stones also went through this smudging process to cleanse them of their past before we wore them. Smudging may apparently help with improved moodsleep and energy. I can tell you that I felt much “lighter,” as if a weight had been lifted, after the experience. (See video for what smudging looks like.)

My girls and I have been wearing our gemstones daily, removing them at night to “charge” on their selenite docking station. While we are intent on soaking in the healing properties of the stones (and the sage, which we also each left the shop with), the biggest benefit may have been from this amazing shared experience. None of the stones cost very much, yet we walked away feeling empowered and more deeply connected – to each other and to the world. 

I’m grateful for a unique and positive way to bond with my daughters on a spiritual level. And now every time I put on my moonstone or touch my amethyst, I think of them and remember this powerful night. Even more important, I hope they remember it and that it will carry them through the tough times that are surely ahead.

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I reached out to someone over the winter holidays to learn more about gemstones. I was interested in worry stones at first but ended up with several stones for my son and myself. I now keep a few in each of my coat pockets and in my car too!
Elisa Schmitz
I am so glad you discovered the power of these stones, too, Renee Herren . Somehow having this tangible piece of energy does seem to transfer positivity. I was speaking with a health care professional the other day, who also said she keeps stones in her car and home. Their power seems to be at a cross-section between science and faith, and a powerful spiritual tool. Why not?!
Belinda Lichty Clarke
I just love this. Such a great and meaningful bonding experience - when you least expect it. Isn't that always the case?
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much, Stephanie Cannoe and Belinda Lichty Clarke ! Yes, Bee, you are exactly right. Those are often the best moments in parenting (and life). xoxo

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