KaBOOM! Building Playgrounds for Communities Because Play Matters for All Kids by Mike Prochaska

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6 months ago
KaBOOM! Building Playgrounds for Communities Because Play Matters for All Kids

KaBOOM is an non-profit organization that helps build playgrounds for children living in poverty. In 2018 alone they built 328 playspaces, served over 617,826 kids new playgrounds with over 30,000 volunteers and united people from all walks of life to positively transform their communities into a better place for children and the community.

The program, called "Build It With KaBOOM," pairs funding partners with under-resourced communities who come together to build safe playgrounds – in just one day – resulting in kids feeling valued. Their community-built playgrounds generate a tangible, achievable win for communities too familiar with broken promises, too much talk and little, if any, action.

All children need playgrounds to explore and develop and to just be kids, especially those who live in poverty, where the local playground might be the only time they get to play. People need to stand up and say that all kids – no matter where they live – deserve a great childhood.

Every year for my birthday I donate to KaBOOM because all kids deserve the right to play at the park.

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