US Play Coalition: 30Seconds Tribe Member Invited to Be a Play Ambassador! by Mike Prochaska

US Play Coalition: 30Seconds Tribe Member Invited to Be a Play Ambassador!

The US Play Coalition has invited me to be one of their play ambassadors and help them promote the value of play! The US Play Coalition is a partnership to promote the value of play throughout life. They are an international network of individuals and organizations that recognize play as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and productive life.

Every year they have a conference. This year is the 10-year anniversary taking place March 31 - April 3, 2019, at Clemson University in South Carolina. “PLAY FOR LIFE” will explore play across the lifespan and address universal issues of health, education, access, equity, inclusion, design and more.

They also have a weekly #weplaychat on Twitter where they help spread the importance of play by discussing current topics in education. Help us make sure we have a playful world for our children and help protect play!

Membership is free and simply requires a declaration of a shared commitment to the value of play.

Learn more by visiting

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Donna John
Congratulations, Mike Prochaska ! That is so great!!! #playmatters
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Way to go, Mike Prochaska ! This is awesome and you will be great!
Dieter Schmitz
This is such great news ~ and so well-deserved Mike Prochaska

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