True Grit & Successful Kids: Will Your Child Succeed in Life Outside of School? by juniorCEOs

5 years ago

True Grit & Successful Kids: Will Your Child Succeed in Life Outside of School?

School is important to learn many fundamentals and get a foundation in life. Although, according to Forbes Magazine, no matter what GPA or level you graduate with, the biggest determining factor to success is actually a skill called “grit.” Grit is described as a powerful passion and the unwavering perseverance to see your goals achieved.

Setting a solid long-term goal and having the resolve to achieve it is vital for school, business and personal life. Despite naysayers and setbacks, this is crucial for success in many categories. Students need to be challenged and coached to work toward success daily until the goal is achieved. Advancing, students will learn that a strong sense of self-confidence and perseverance will reach heights that seem impossible.

Conventional school systems is great at teaching students the foundation of reading, writing, math and science. No one can argue that these are not important building blocks of education. However, future success isn’t measured by what grades were received, or what scores were received on a standardized test, rather social and leadership skills.

Learn more via the Efficacy Empowering Society (EES).

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Elisa Schmitz
Yes to grit! Whether you call it resilience or persistence or stick-to-it-ive-ness, it is KEY!

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