Why I Loathe Snow Days: A Mom's Reflection on the Dreaded Snow Day Call by Jessica Lawrence

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5 years ago

Why I Loathe Snow Days: A Mom's Reflection on the Dreaded Snow Day Call

Let me start by saying: I chose to live here. I live in Canton, N.Y. Never heard of it? The closest city to our small town is Ottawa, Ontario. Yes, that would be Canada. In the summer, we have a house which looks directly at Canada. Is it cold? Does it snow? Yes and yes. Which means we have plenty of snow delays and snow days.

As a kid, I'm pretty sure I wore my pjs inside out (pro tip right there for all you kids reading, it works!) and wished upon every star in the sky that whenever there was a looming threat of snow, school would be canceled. Now I must say, at 35, I feel like we didn't get many at all growing up in Canton. It really took a lot of snow to have school be canceled.

Now that I'm a parent, I feel like snow days are given out as liberally as Oprah gave out cars. "You get a snow day!" Yay. My daughter doesn't have school. I still have work. What in the HECK am I going to do with her now?! 

First, I go to my trusted list of high-school babysitters. Next is to see if my parents can watch her. And, if all else fails? Looks like she's coming to work with me!

How do you handle snow days?

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Dieter Schmitz
Growing up in Minnesota, I lived for snow days, whether school was canceled or not! Thanks Jessica Lawrence for bringing back the fun memories!
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right that snow days are tough on parents, especially single parents. I would work from home or yes, even bring the kids to work with me. Not easy. But I tried to remember that these days are fleeting, and to find the joy in each one (no matter how challenging). Again, not easy. But looking at it that way helped me a lot. Thank you for all you share with us, Jessica Lawrence !

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