How to Connect With Kids: 3 Steps to Create a Heart-to-Heart Connection Between Parents & Children by Lisa Faremouth Weber

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a year ago
How to Connect With Kids: 3 Steps to Create a Heart-to-Heart Connection Between Parents & Children

In the busy-ness of life, a daily heart-to-heart connection between parents and kids may get lost. But there are ways to connect with your kids that don't take a lot of time, yet make a big impact. Here are my suggestions:

  • Give your kids a big heart-to-heart hug daily for seven days. Hug them for three breaths to calm your heart and theirs. Create a deep heart-to-heart joyful connection by this daily practice.
  • If you ever feel anger or resentment, sing yourself a love song. "This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine..." is one of my favorites.
  • Practice "Breath for a Calm Heart" by placing one hand on your heart and holding your other hand up like you are taking an oath. Breathe deeply into your low belly for five counts, inhale, and five counts, exhale. Repeat for five cycles. 

Keep smiling. You've got this!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is beautiful, Lisa Faremouth Weber ! I love your suggestions, thank you. xoxo
Karen Vega
Thank you so much for these tips.

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